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LIVEditor v1.2.7 Build 993 Commercial Edition Crack


Software Description: LIVEditor v1.2.7 Build 993 Commercial Edition Crack

A Text Editor that’s trying to remove the pain of websitebuilding. In the past, I use another text edtior for editing webpages, a web browser for viewing my changes, and DevTools/FireBugfor testing CSS styles. It worked, but it’s very time-consuming andthe workflow never feels smooth. So I thought: why not integratethese three tools into a single software? And that’s whyLIVEditor has born. Here I present to youLIVEditor, whose single purpose is trying to make website authoringpainless!

Here aresome key features of”LIVEditor”:
Previewchanges as you edithtml/css:
Whendesigning webpages we must see the results instantly, otherwisewe’ll have to waste your brain power and time to simulate theresults in your mind. LIVEditor uses a true web browser engine(same as Chrome) to provide live preview as you edit your html orcsscode.

Jump toapplied styles with 1-click:
– Like using the html inspector in Firebug or Webkit Dev Tools, youclick on a html element in the preview and all applied css styleswill be listed.
– One more click opens the css file and jump to the css sourcecode.

Rich code editing features:
LIVEditor offers a bunch of handy html and css code editingfeatures to make your life easier, including code completion, codefolding, and so on.

Search-able menu, a big productivity help:
You can search for menu commands in LIVEditor, it’s verytime-saving and handy, forgot a shortcut? No problem! Just type andsearch. Give it a try and you’ll love it!

Visual Studio style docking & floating:
– In LIVEditor you can drag-and-drop to arrange the editor layout,similar to what you can do in Microsoft Visual Studio.
– Want to have the html code, css code and preview visible at thesame time and tweak the code like jsfiddle? No problem!

Folder outline helps project management:
LIVEditor provides a handy but lightweight folder outline viewthat’s extremely useful when working on a website project.

But LIVEditor is more than that:
– Code Block Highlighting
– One-click Format Code
– Live Find and Replace
– Search-able Menu
– Preview PHP Includes
– Visual Studio Style Docking

Installer Size: 22.67 MB

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