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CoffeeCup Web Form Builder v2.5 Build 5437 Crack


Software Description: CoffeeCup Web Form Builder v2.5 Build 5437 Crack Patch

The web is all about interaction, and web forms are an essentialpart of that—but no one wants to code them! Web FormBuilder does the dirty work for you while you wield yourimagination at the helm of its innate drag-and-drop interface.Create forms in minutes with complete control, then publish to theweb without having to configure anything but your CoffeeCupaccount.

Dream it Up, Drag it In.
The form you’ve been dreaming of can be whipped up in seconds. Draginput fields and other form elements where you want them, thenadjust text, labels, and options to your liking. Voila, your newweb form has been born!
For registration forms, order forms, surveys, invitations,applications, contact requests, subscriptions, and anything elseyou can imagine, you can tackle the unlimited possibilities asoften as you want.

Designed by Pros.
Ready to spice up your form’s style? Pick a design from the ThemeBrowser to apply it directly to your form, and choose another oneat any time if you change your mind. You can always download morethemes if you don’t quite see the one that fits your style.
Make all the changes you want to your form’s elements, from labelalignment to font sizes and colors. Web Form Builder neatlyarranges all your fields so they look like a pro custom-designedyour form for you—sweet!

Let S-Drive Do the Rest.
Simply enter your CoffeeCup account information to enable one-clickweb publishing. When your form’s ready for the world, Web FormBuilder will upload everything to S-Drive for you and provide alink to the form.

There’s no need to configure anything, since form results aredisplayed automatically in an overview (we call it the S-DriveDashboard). Plus, you can embed forms anywhere—including your shop,blog, forum, or website. Need full control? You can do that too.Just export the form, tweak it to your heart’s desire, and haveyour own server do the heavy lifting.
The last FOSI’s release was v8.2, here’s why the newer version is1.1:
Our classic Web Form Builder has been around for years, beloved bymany a CoffeeCup customer. But we realized that we could make itbigger, better, and cleaner; we just had to start from scratch!
The classic Web Form Builder uses Flash technology to create forms,while the new Web Form Builder uses HTML 5, a more modern andresource-efficient method. The classic version still works reallywell, but it was been designed in a completely different way.
Because of the extreme fundamental difference between the way thesetwo programs have been created, it’s impossible to open a savedproject from one in the other. We know that you may have tons ofsaved forms you’ve been working on over the years that you’d liketo use in the new Web Form Builder, but trust us, we’re confidentthat you can build a newer and better form using HTML 5 and it’llonly take you a few minutes!

Here are some key features of “CoffeeCup Web FormBuilder”:
– Form Design Made Easy
– Flawless rendering on any device that uses HTML, includingiPhones and iPads.
– Swap out your form theme on the fly — try on a couple for theperfect fit.
– Add friendly hints and placeholders, making your forms easier andfriendlier to fill out.
– Forms are Section 508 accessibility compliant. (Trust us, this isa good thing.)
– Set a default value for certain fields. They’ll be submitted ifthe visitor doesn’t change them.
– Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them.
– Utilize autofocus fields. (Give your visitors a startingpoint.)
– W3C-valid HTML 5, CSS 3, even graceful degradation—more awesomethan it sounds!
– Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
– Define the font family, size, and color for your form, then(optionally) customize them for each label.
– Use multiple columns together with the sweet “Spacer” Magicelement to fit lots of fields on one page (oh, thepossibilities…)
– Customize Page, Header, and Footer background images andcolors.
– Customize the stylesheet for maximum control. (You’ll be able toimport your changes soon.)
– Add images and icons for an ultra-snazzy design.
– Take advantage of multi-page forms (because mega-forms sometimesneed to be split up into chunks).
– Complex forms are a cinch to create and design.
– Mark fields as “Required” and show appropriate warning messagesif necessary.
– Automatically validate user input by field type (and get morereliable data).
– Automatically verify user input for email and password fields.(Type it twice to eliminate errors.)
– Define value ranges and interval steps for number fields.
– Use a stylish calendar for picking dates and choose from a widerange of calendar date formats.
– Use hidden fields (for your eyes only).
– Use magic fields: Pre-configured field combinations you’lllove!
– Multiple files can be uploaded at once.
– Full UTF-8 support: Use practically any language in yourform.
– One-click captcha support with reCAPTCHA to protect your formagainst spam.
– Control the width and padding for each individual fieldelement.
– Control the submit button position and use custom buttonimages.
– Add a link to your logo and form images.
– Publication and Sharing
– One-click form publishing to S-Drive.
– Use a unique URL to easily share/link a full-page form.
– Easily embed your form in your website, blog, shop—wherever youwant it!
– Fully customize your form embeds. (Tweak whatever you like—it’stotally up to you.)

Installer Size: 19.7 MB

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