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Arclab Dir2HTML v3.0 Crack


Software Description: Arclab Dir2HTML v3.0 + Activation Crack

Arclab Dir2HTML is an intuitive applicationthat allows you to index various files and directories on yourcomputer, with the purpose of generating sitemaps or creatingtechnical documentation.
It builds single or multiple HTML index files, supports largefolder structures and allows you to modify numerous formattingsettings.It builds single or multiple HTML index files, supportslarge folder structures and allows you to modify numerousformatting settings.

Index files, folders and subfolders:

To begin with, you need to select the directory you want toprocess, then specify whether or not the application should includeits subfolders.You can choose to index all the files present in thedirectory or exclude them based on their name, format andlocation.Arclab Dir2HTML allows you to modify numerous layoutsettings, to create a personalized index file. You can change indexwidth, alignment, column order, cell width and choose whether ornot column headers and summaries should be included.

Create hyperlinks and customize formatting:
It is possible to add hyperlinks to each processed file, enablingyou to easily access them from the HTML index.Furthermore, you canconvert file names to upper or lower case, add a home link at thetop of the document and assign it a custom URL.Arclab Dir2HTML caninsert CSS code into the page header or export it to a separate CSSfile. Moreover, you can customize numerous style settings, such asfont type, link, folder and hover color, as well as specify whetheror not table lines should be displayed.

Intuitive interface, but lacks documentation:
The application is very easy-to-use, as it features a moderninterface and all the customization options are displayed in themain program window.However, it would help if more detaileddocumentation was included, as some users may have troubleunderstanding some of the program’s more advanced customizationfunctions.All in all, Arclab Dir2HTML is a straightforward andintuitive tool that can help you index files and folders, offersmultiple output modes and numerous options for customization.

Here are some key features of”ArclabDir2HTML”:
– Convert a directory to a HTML file
– Index large structures with a single click
– Convert a directory structure and files to a single HTML file
– Convert a directory structure and files to multiple HTMLfiles
– Variable table layout (column order)
– Supports large file sizes
– Create a HTML Sitemap
– Create sub-sections for sub-folders
– Creates a HTML5 file using utf-8
– Style and layout based on CSS for easy customization
– CSS code in header or external CSS file

Installer Size: 4.9 MB

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