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TriSun Software WinExt Pro v5.0 Build 031 Crack


Software Description: TriSun Software WinExt Pro v5.0 Build 031 Keygen Serial

Keeping your files and folders organized becomes easier whenaided by third-party solutions. WinExt is an appcapable of locating and removing duplicate files to free up space,identifying large resources to help you figure out what’s taking upso much space, monitoring directories for file operations, andmore. Wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, the program hasoptions neatly organized in different areas, so you can quicklyaccess duplicates, sizes, recent or Windows activity, batchoperations, sync modes, as well as program settings.

Find and remove duplicate files
Intricate details can be added about the file searching procedure.For example, you can ask WinExt to look into specific drives orfolders, or to search the entire hard disk. Moreover, filters canbe established for the file size and type.

On scan completion, the tool reveals the total scanned objects andfound duplicates, duration, and other data. It’s possible to saveresults to file, send items to the Recycle Bin or just move them toa different place, and inspect file properties.

View largest resources and recently accessedfiles
The sizes section displays the dimensions of all drives,directories and files. After scanning all items, the largest onesare surfaced, giving you the opportunity to analyze them and figureout whether or not they’re worth keeping.

The recent area is filled with information surrounding the lastaccessed files, including name, full path, size, access times,type, and date of last modification. If you’re not sharing your PCwith someone else, this feature of WinExt can help you find outwhat files are being accessed by Windows. Speaking of Windows, itsactivity can be examined to see what and where files are beingcreated, edited or deleted.

Run batch operations and sync data
Certain types of operations can be performed in batch with the helpof WinExt. For example, you can send items to the Recycle Bin,permanently remove them from the computer, and copy or files to acommon location.

The sync feature comes in handy for moving files back and forthbetween two folders until the folder contents are identical. Thisaction can be made once (manually) or recurring (automatically, ata fixed time frequency).

Scan operations were quickly performed in our tests on Windows 10.However, WinExt failed on many occasions to correctly identifyduplicate files, returning empty results pages instead. Also, itwas stuck in loading mode for a very long time after accessing theactivity section.

Here are some key features of “WinExt”:
– Find Duplicate Files
– Quickly Find the Larger Resources
– See More Information of Recently Accessed Resources
– Monitor Windows Activity
– Make Batch Operation on Multiple Resources
– Automatically or Manually Synchronize Resources

Installer Size: 0.771 MB

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