Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Softorino WALTR v2.1.23 Crack


Software Description: Softorino WALTR v2.1.23 + Activation Crack

Amazing. Effortless. Magical. Drag-and-drop any Music,Ringtones, Videos, PDF & ePUB files into any Apple devicewithout iTunes (& no extra apps). WALTR 2represents an entirely different experience between you and yourApple device.

Defining Genuine Experience.
WALTR 2 introduces smart Automatic Content Recognition built forMusic, Movies & TV shows. This invisible improvement makes avisible change to the way you see movies in your ‘Videos’ app.Apart from artworks, WALTR 2 recognizes and fills in title, genre,episode description, actor information and more.

With High Speed Wi-Fi connectivity – WALTR 2 brings a new dimensionto freedom. As soon as you open WALTR 2, it instantly looks for anyWi-Fi enabled iOS devices around you and connects to them. Thisonly takes a few seconds to discover the bridge between WALTR 2 andyour iPhone. Fast connectivity allows you to drop even large files,such as movies.

Resurrect The Legacy.
WALTR 2 goes beyond iOS devices. It now includes support for theentire lineup of Apple iPods starting from the original iPodClassic built in 2001. When you connect an iPod to your computer,WALTR 2 instantly detects it and shows up on your launch screen.All music formats are supported, including FLAC, APE. This is thebest time to blow the dust off your favourite music players.

Get a Good Read.
Apple’s iBooks app for iOS is perfect for both – reading books& managing your documents. WALTR 2 brings full support for EPUBand PDF formats. When pushed into WALTR 2 – your books anddocuments appear in your iBooks app available from thecorresponding tab. And as always, you don’t need to install any 3rdparty iOS apps for this.

Smart Adaptive Conversion
SAC unifies a set of innovations in video and audio conversion. Itadapts movies and music for any device. Lossless files remainlossless, ensuring original quality is kept 100%. Major difference– extremely efficient video conversion.

Universal Connection Bridge
Since 2001, Apple released tens of media devices. Each generationhas its own protocol ‘language’. UCB identifies each device andenables secure connection using the proper Apple protocol. UCBknows data-write protocols for each device. This is a result of4-year long research.

Automatic Content Recognition
With ACR, you get a rich visual for movies, TV Shows and music. ACRrecognizes content, searches for missing cover art and fills upmissing meta data: name, cast, synopsis, track list, etc. Yourcontent looks like it was purchased from the iTunes Store.

Automatic Wi-Fi
Automatic Wi-Fi (or aWiFi) enables full potential of built-inwireless technology. aWiFi automatically looks for your device andconnects to it. Advanced connection stitching allows disconnectingUSB cable while transferring files. Connection will be resumed viaWiFi seamlessly.

Trim-less Ringtones
Create ringtones by renaming any M4A audio into M4R and dropping itinto WALTR 2.

Hi-Res Audio
Push Hi-Res audio up to 192kHz to iPhone and keep originalquality.

2160p Video
Transfer Full resolution 2160P 4K videos with up to 60fps.

Forced Subtitles
World’s first proper subtitles conversion technology ensures 100%subtitle compatibility.

M4B files support with chapters and sections enrich your iBooksexperience.

Smart Encoding Detection
AI algorithm that detects broken 1-bit text encoding and locatesproper language for it.

Video Content Detection
WALTR 2 intelligently sorts types of video files you drop anddistributes them across Movies, TV Shows, etc…

Apple Music 100% Compatible
Thanks to our 2-way media insertion technology, you can use WALTR 2along with your Apple Music subscription. Safe and untouched.

Installer Size: 105.04 MB

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