Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Safe Startup Pro v4.08 Crack


Software Description: Safe Startup Pro v4.08 + Full Crack

Safe Startup Pro will monitor auto-startuprecords in OS Windows and notify you about any new programs whichwill be automatically launched on your PC. Using this utility youcan manage programs with auto-start option. You can choose to allowauto-start for these programs or you can choose to stop or evendelete them. You can stop unwanted or useless programs, spyware oreven viruses. Program works with system services also, thus you canmake deep review of your PC.

By using our program you can see hidden running programs, reducenumber of running processes, tray icons and other apps which youdon’t need and, thus, really boost performance of your PC. Makeyour PC faster.

Our program can continue working in the background to alwaysmonitor new records for auto-startup, and it will remove undesireditems if they will appear again. This program compatible with anyother antivirus.

Our program include function to recover deleted startup records.For example, if you’ll delete some important file at auto-startupby mistake you can always undo delete and everything will be backas usual.

Installer Size: 0.762 MB

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