Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
PhotoMove Pro v2.5.2.0 Crack


Software Description: PhotoMove Pro v2.5.2.1 Crack Patch

When you download your photos to your computer the file date isnot necessarily the same as the date you took the photo. If youhave a large number of files on your memory card with photos takenover many different days it can be a mess to try to organize thephotos.

PhotoMove will sort your photos by date takenand move or copy them to dated folders. Folders are named by year,month and day and optionally by camera model. Once your photos andvideos are sorted you will be able to easily find the photos thatyou took on Birthdays, Holidays or any special day.

Here are some key features of “PhotoMove”:
– Automatically move photos and videos to directories or foldersbased on each file’s embedded exif date taken      
– Handle any image format that contains Exif Date CreatedInformation
– Find and move or copy RAW files. Canon, Nikon and others
– Sort photos and videos into a structured folder format by Year,Month and Date Taken
– Sort photos and videos into a folder format by Year, Month, DateTaken and Camera Model
– Six additional output folder structure formats       
– Process video files. Sorts your video files and clips
– Choose which file types to move or copy       
– Choose files to move or copy for specific camera model(s)       
– Optionally move or copy files without exif data to a user definedfolder
– Optionally move or copy files without exif data to structuredfolders using the file date
– Control how duplicate files are handled when found. Skip, Rename,Overwrite or Move to a separate folder:(Example)       
– Run PhotoMove from a batch file or the command line
– Run on your Mac. Requires using Parallels or another WindowsVM

Installer Size: 6.58 MB

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