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PerfectDisk Professional Business/Server v14.0 Build 892 + Networks v12.5.311 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: PerfectDisk Professional Business/Server v14.0 Build 892 + Networks v12.5.311 x86/x64 + Activation Crack

PerfectDisk, the world’s most popular andthorough disk defragmentation solution, combines speed,thoroughness flexibility, control and ease-of-use to help improvePC and server perforance. Global enterprises benefit from fastercomputers through regular, automated, unattended defragmentationwith PerfectDisk.

Certified by Microsoft for Windows, PerfectDisk is designed fortoday’s largest disk drives. With the PerfectDisks Command Centermanagement console, complete management and control is at theadministrator’s fingertips. If you really need diskdefragmentation, optimization, as well as free space consolidation,then PerfectDisk will surely meet each of your high demands andprecise necessities.

Designed to quickly and efficiently defragment heavilyfragmented, multi-terabyte drives

PerfectDisk will defragment your largest drives faster and moreefficiently than any other product, resulting in faster-performingPCs, laptops and servers and a more productive user experience. Andyou don’t need to be concerned about the size of the drive or howbadly fragmented it is – PerfectDisk can handle it. PerfectDiskwill make your drive completely defragmented and optimized..Plus,you won’t pay a premium to defragment large drives. And that savesyou money.

SMARTPlacement — patented file placementstrategy

PerfectDisk’s SMARTPlacement········ optimization strategy resultsin faster subsequent defragmentation runs because many of the fileson the drive do not need to be moved at all, since they are placedaccording to users unique usage patterns. Typical defragmenterswaste resources by constantly moving all files around on thedrive.

Space Restoration Technology

Space Restoration Technology provides the most complete andefficeient free space consolidation available today. Raxco Softwarepioneereed free space consolidation years ago, and the leadershipcontinues with PerfectDisk 8. Added to PerfectDisk’s uniquesingle-pass free space consolidation is another exclusive –Consolidate Free Space Defrag. Consolidate Free Space Defragcreates the largest piece of contiguous free space available. Thisis useful prior to creating large files or in performing partitionresizing operations. It is also useful in compressing a virtualhard drive on a virtual machine, as a large amount of contiguousspace will be recaptured.

AutoPilot Scheduling

PerfectDisk’s exclusive AutoPilot Scheduling automates all aspectsof defragmentation. Administrators and users have completeflexibility in defining schedules to completely automate theenterprise’s defragmentation. If users are working, PerfectDiskwill run in the background. Once PerfectDisk’s schedules are set,everything runs on autopilot.

Resource Saver — patent-pending technology

PerfectDisk’s Resource Saver technology speeds up the process offile analysis, resulting in faster defragmentation runs. And itdoes it all using fewer resources than typical defragmenters.

Single pass file and free spacedefragmentation

PerfectDisk does its job – thorough and complete filedefragmentation and free space consolidation – in a single pass, nomatter how large the drive or how badly fragmented the drive. Noslowly chipping away at the problem like typical defragmenters.Once and done – and using fewer resources as well.

Intelligent Screen Saver mode

PerfectDisk’s Screen Saver mode will defragment when a system isidle, but only when the drive has not been defragmented in auser-defined number of days. While taking advantage of a PC orlaptop being idle, it does not unnecessarily perform a defrag ifone has recently been completed, thereby saving resources. Typicaldefragmenters do not have this intelligence built into their screensaver functionality.

Defragments drives with as little as 5% freespace

PerfectDisk only requires the drive to have at least 5% free space.Other defragmenters require as much as 20% free space, therebywasting space because much of the drive can’t be used. BecausePerfectDisk requires only 5% of the drive to be free space, youmake much better use of your storage investments.

Perfect-Time user-defined thresholds fordefragmentation

Allows you to limit the amount of times PerfectDisk needs to run toonly when a chosen level of fragmentation is reached, therebyreducing unnecessary runs.

Faster subsequent defragmentation runs

Fewer resources are consumed in subsequent defragmentation runsbecause of PerfectDisk’s patented SMARTPlacement optimizationstrategy. This means you can do more, and do it faster.

Defragments Master File Table (MFT) and all NTFSmetadata

Because only PerfectDisk exclusively defragments all metadata, youend up with a drive that is completely defragmented. Otherdefragmenters do not defragment all of the NTFS metadata and evenmore alarming, do not report on the files they leavefragmented.

Detailed fragmentation statistics for ALLfiles

You get the complete picture of the state of your drive. With otherdefragmenters, since you don’t have statistics on all files, you’reonly seeing part of the picture.

Places Master File Table (MFT) according to Microsoftrecommendations for improved performance

You will see a 5%-10% performance improvement over otherdefragmenters because of where PerfectDisk places the MFT.Microsoft has specific guidelines for placement of the MFT for thisimproved performance, and only PerfectDisk follows theseguidelines.

Single File Defrag

PerfectDisk allows users to defragment a single file rather than anentire drive if desired. This can be useful for users working withlarge files, such as videos.

Defragments directories, the pagefile and the hibernatefile

No file or directory is left fragmented, so you’ll have betterperformance.

Utilizes the Microsoft move file Application ProgramInterface (API)

Ensures complete safety of your system

CPU and I/O throttling

PerfectDisk provides the ability to control CPU and I/O resources.While PerfectDisk uses very little CPU resources, administratorsstill have the ability to throttle CPU depending on certaincircumstances. Similarly, I/O activity can also be throttled. Thiscan be useful if, for example, another application is performinglarge amounts of I/O.

Power Management

Users can choose to control whether PerfectDisk should perform ascheduled defrag when the computer is running on a battery orconnected to a UPS. This is particularly useful for laptops users,preventing the battery from being used.

Full integration with Active Directory Group PolicyAdministrative Templates for enterprise deployment, scheduling, andmanagement

Saves time with enterprise deployment and requires no training foradministrators familiar with Microsoft’s Active Directory

Installation without User Interface for administrativecontrol

Allows administrators complete control if they wish to deny endusers access to the PerfectDisk interface

No limitation of number of systems beingscheduled

Easy to schedule across the network, no matter how big. Somedefragmenters place restrictions on how many systems can bescheduled.

AutoUpdate Ability

Automatically keeps up with PerfectDisk updates to ensure you arealways running the current release.

Full-featured command line support for both local andremote operations

Not limited to certain commands, as you are with otherdefragmenters. This ability to utilize all PerfectDisk commandsgives you even more ability to control PerfectDisk and tailoraccording to your specific requirements.

Low system resource (CPU, memory) usage

Saves computer resources, freeing them for other needs andapplications.

Automates compaction/defragmentation of Microsoft Exchangedata stores

Improves Exchange performance and helps you regain disk space(requires PerfectDisk for Exchange)

PerfectDisk Client:

User Interface: PerfectDisk offers Fluent User Interface,a user interface that makes it easier for users to work so thatthey can deliver better results faster. The PerfectDisk interfaceis streamlined and has uncluttered workspace that minimizesdistraction. This enables users to achieve the results they wantmore quickly and easily. The new interface has a Ribbon thatpresents commands organized into a set of tabs. The tabs on theRibbon display the commands that are most relevant for each of thetask areas in the applications.

StealthPatrol Automatic Disk Defragmentation: Automaticdefragmentation can be performed using PerfectDisk’s exclusiveStealthPatrol technology to optimize your drive only when yoursystem is idle. StealthPatrol provides you the flexibility to rundefragmentation passes when Windows is not busy and/or when userspecified applications are not running. This feature ensures thatwhen a specified application is running and the defragmentationpass is about to start or running, you do not lose performance forthat application.

PerfectDisk for VMWare: With PerfectDisk forVMWare, PerfectDisk can defragment, re-index and shrink VMWarevirtual drives so that your VMware virtual machines perform thebest possible.

Reclaim Free Space: The Reclaim Free Space featureof PerfectDisk detects and removes duplicate files such as textdocuments, pictures, music, and videos. It also purges the Recyclebin and removes temporary files, ensuring that your drive remainsclutter free.

Select File(s) Defragmentation: With PerfectDisk you can quicklyand easily defragment one or more specified files without having todefragment the entire drive.

PerfectDisk Reports: Many new reports such as free spacefragmentation report, file fragmentation report, etc. have beenadded and already existing performance reports, summary reports,etc. are now so much improved with graphics which gives you morevisual understanding of your machine’s data.

Installation and Upgrade: Licensing PerfectDisk has been madeeasier. PerfectDisk now accepts license keys to easily convert yourevaluation version of PerfectDisk to a licensed version. Simplypurchase a PerfectDisk license key and enter to continue runningPerfectDisk without interruption.

PerfectDisk Tray Icon: The PerfectDisk systrayicon now allows initiating defragmentation on drives as well asstopping defragmentation.

Improved Performance: PerfectDisk uses less systemresources than previous versions. Performance when defragmentingvery large drives is improved.

Support for Exchange 2007: PerfectDisk supports Exchange2007, which runs on x64 edition of Windows Server.

Active Directory Integration: PerfectDisk is fullyintegrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory and now it is enhancedto deploy PerfectDisk with Active Directory by using thePerfectDisk Application.


Installer Size: 41.8 + 42.2 + 42.2 MB

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