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PCIScope v4.00.015 Crack


Software Description: PCIScope v4.00.015 Crack Patch

PCIScope is a powerful tool designed toexplore, examine and debug PCI subsystem of your computer. It wasmade to fit the requirements of the most demanding users,especially engineers, programmers and system administrators, and tointegrate all advanced functions and tools into one product.

In difference with most of available PCI exploration tools PCIScopebypass Windows and getting all information directly from hardware.Therefore PCIScope is fully OS independent and will recognizedevices ignored by Windows. This makes PCIScope invaluable tool forcreation of device drivers for PCI devices.

In our dynamic world new PCI cards appear daily. PCIScope gives youan unique possibility to add the new device to PCIScope via simpletext file. Your card uses few non-standard locations in the PCIconfiguration space? No problem: simply add bits definition intothe simple text file.

Here are some key features of “PCIScope”:
– PCIScope gives a detailed information about PCI subsystem andvisualize that information in several formats:
  tables of PCI registers (standard and vendor specific)
  html or plain text decoding of standard PCI configuration,I/O and Memory-mapped registers, like ExCA registers (available onCardBus adapters)
  graphical diagrams of PCI configuration space, IRQ routing,Buses Topology
  dump of the configuration space
– PCIScope also gives a detailed information about:
  Device Manager
  PCI system errors such a Target Abort, Master Abort,etc.
  Plug-n-Play arbiters
  Plug-n-Play driver stack
  Windows IRQ routing table
  BIOS IRQ routing table
  ACPI IRQ routing table
  ACPI APIC table
  Multiple Processor configuration
  I/O APIC (if present in the system)
  ISA Plug-n-Play subsystem
  Summary of hardware resources
  System Event Log
  Windows NT services
– PCIScope is designed to run on all modern Windows platforms.
– Direct access to PCI hardware gives a possibility to find andmanage PCI devices even if Windows did not recognize them.
– PCIScope is able to interpret any kind of I/O and memoryregisters (Please click here for see how PCIScope interpretsCardBus, ExCA and USB registers)
– PCIScope is able to recognize almost any PCI extension card bythe name.
– PCIScope is able to read from/write to extended configurationspace of PCI Express devices.
– PCIScope is able to decode New and Extended Capability structuresdefined in latest PCI, ACPI, SATA, and USB Specifications.
– PCI diagnostic features help to determine possible sources ofsystem malfunction.
– Interrupt watch module gives you a unique possibility to spy PCIand non-PCI interrupts, view detailed interrupt information andstatistics on both uniprocessor and multiprocessor platforms.
– Intelligent configuration comparison will help to locate aproblem very quickly.
– A built-in hardware debugger gives an immediate access to PChardware without a need to install a separate debugger program.
– A possibility to save PCI subsystem information to a file isuseful for exploring, comparing and debugging of remotemachines.
– PCIScope supports scripting. You can use any scripting language(for example VBScript) to read or modify PCI configuration space,I/O registers and system memory, access information collected byPCIScope, open or save PCIScope’s files. Click here to see examplesof scripts in VBScript and JScript.
– PCIScope installation includes DOS agent (PCITOOL.EXE) whichallows reading PCI configuration spaces and extended configurationspaces for PCI Express devices under DOS and saving them into afile which can be imported into PCIScope.
– PCIScope fully supports latest PCI, PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI PowerManagement, PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture, PCI Firmware, and PCICode and Assignment Specifications.
– PCIScope help system allows you to get information about PCIConfiguration space layout from PCI Local Bus Specification, PCI toPCI Bridge Architecture Specification, AGP Interface Specification,PCI-X Specification and PCI Express Specification.

Installer Size: 10.59 MB

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