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MetaProducts Startup Organizer v2.8.282 Crack


Software Description: MetaProducts Startup Organizer v2.8.282 Crack Patch

Startup Organizer is a Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 program that was developed to providequick access to all of the programs that are automatically startedwhen you turn on or logon to your computer.
Using Startup Organizer, you can inspect, edit, print and/ortemporarily disable such programs and make backup configurations.It is very easy to use.
You may significantly reduce the time required for your systemstartup by disabling programs that you don`t need all the time.
With RunOnceEx, Services and AutoRunDLL technology support, StartUpOrganizer provides you with the most complete control on allmethods to start programs automatically.
The Controlled Startup feature allows you to skip certain programsduring startup if you hold the [Shift] key while Windows is loggingon.
The new version allows you to choose the key for the ControlledStartup feature. It is also possible now to prompt for aconfirmation of whether to start all or each program in theControlled Startup.

StartUp Guard detects non-standard ways to run applications whenWindows starts and issues recommendations when it encounterssuspicious programs.
Users of Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003 can benefit from the newability to work with other users` startup configurations. StartUpOrganizer displays other users among your standard Registry andStart menu items. You can view programs of other users, edit them,add new ones and drag programs to them.

Here are some key features of “Startup Organizer”:
Controlled Startup:
– Controlled Startup feature allows you to skip certain programs atstartup by holding the Shift key while Windows is logging on.
– The new version allows you to choose the key for the ControlledStartup feature. It is also possible now to prompt for aconfirmation whether to start every program in the ControlledStartup or not.
– You can also enable sound to indicate when it is better to holddown the Controlled Startup key.
StartUp Guard:
– This unique feature looks for other non-standard ways to runprograms while system starts. It shows potentially dangerous placesand offers an automatic way to fix issues.
– Undo operations
– StartUp Organizer allows you to undo any operation that you havedone on the programs list. You can safely do what you want andrevert to the previous state when necessary.
– You can also make multiple backup configurations to restore ifyou have done something wrong or if you need to switchconfigurations quickly.
– StartUp Organizer also can compare backup file with the currentconfiguration.
Easy Wheel:
– StartUp Organizer supports Easy Wheel? technology. You don`t needto click on some control to scroll it using mouse wheel. Simplypoint your mouse over the control you want to scroll up or down anduse the wheel!
Convenient navigation:
– StartUp Organizer marks empty nodes with gray color. This helpsyou navigate categories faster.
Work with other users’ configurations:
– StartUp Organizer shows other users configurations on Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 systems ? All | Startup menu | Other users and All| Registry | Other users. You can work with them just like with anyother category. However you will need to logon as systemadministrator, otherwise Windows will not allow you to access theother users list.
– Another useful feature is ability to add some program to multipleusers at once. Select File | Add program to multiple users. Youwill be prompted to browse for the program to add and click OKbutton. Then you will see a window with a list of all users. Selectone or more users from the list using Ctrl-click or Shift-click andclick OK button.
– Order your startup programs
– Now you can define the exact sequence in which to run yourStartUp programs. You can also set a delay between programlaunches.
Print startup configuration:
– StartUp Organizer versions 2.0 and later allow you to print yoursystem startup configuration.

Installer Size: 1.46 MB

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