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Magic Photo Recovery v4.4 Crack


Software Description: Magic Photo Recovery v4.4 + Crack

The new digital photo recovery software allowsyou to recover digital pictures deleted from your computer, memorycard, or the internal memory of your digital camera. Magic PhotoRecovery can handle images removed from the Recycle Bin, recoverpictures from damaged, formatted and repartitioned hard drives, andextract pictures from corrupted memory cards and digital cameramemory.

Photo Recovery Made Easy
Using digital photo recovery software could not be made easier. Afully-guided photo recovery wizard guides you through the entireprocess of image recovery in a quick, safe and efficient manner. Afew simple questions and a couple of mouse clicks, and deletedphotos appear right before your eyes with thumbnails and instantfull-screen previews. Sounds easy? Magic Photo Recovery is apleasure to use and a snap to learn, but under the hood it’spowered by the most sophisticated photo recovery algorithmsinvented so far.

Recovery: Under the Hood
Magic Photo Recovery is powered by a sophisticated picture recoveryalgorithm that allows photo recovery software to successfullylocate and recover images from badly damaged, repartitioned andformatted disks and memory cards. Digital photo recovery softwarecan recover pictures even if the disk has been repartitioned andreformatted several times in a raw. The innovative digital picturerecovery algorithm used in Magic Photo Recovery enables photorecovery software to recover pictures that no other program caneven see.

Preview Deleted Pictures
Magic Photo Recovery can be used as a picture viewer – only itviews digital pictures that no longer show up on your disk. Thebuilt-in image browser displays thumbnail and instant full-screenpreviews of deleted photos. Just launch the photo recovery wizard,and you’ll be able to browse, preview and recover your lostpictures in just minutes!
The available pre-recovery preview ensures that only valid,uncorrupted pictures are recovered. The plain, straightforward userinterface can be used efficiently by computer amateurs and datarecovery professionals altogether.

Improved Photo Recovery Software
The digital photo recovery algorithm used in Magic Photo Recoveryhas been recently improved to allow determining the original namesand locations of pictures being recovered – even if there’s no filesystem left on the disk!

Photo Recovery from Disks and Memory Cards
Magic Photo Recovery can successfully recover digital pictures fromall types of memory cards, including Compact Flash, Micro Drive,Memory Stick, MultiMedia Card (MMC), PC Card, Secure Digital,SmartMedia, xD Picture Card, and many others.

Recovers Finished Photos and RAW Images
Magic Photo Recovery can successfully recover finished photos in avariety of formats as well as RAW images produced by most SLR andadvanced compact cameras. With built-in support of RAW images,Magic Photo Recovery recovers RAW digital photos in formatsintroduced by Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Casio, Kodak, Sony, Pentax,Panasonic, Ufo and many others.

Recovers photos from any media
You can safely use Magic Photo Recovery to recover photos from alltypes of storage, even if the drive is formatted, corrupted orinaccessible. Supporting dozens of processed and RAW image formats,Magic Photo Recovery was successfully tested with the many varioustypes of storage media formatted with all revisions of FAT and NTFSfile systems. We successfully used the tool to recover photosstored on a variety of hard disks and solid-state (SSD) drives, USBflash cards manufactured by all major makers, as well as allpopular types of memory cards including SD/SDHC/SDXC and theirmicro and mini versions, Compact Flash cards including the latesthigh-capacity ones, SONY Memory Stick, as well as a variety oflegacy formats (e.g. MMC, xD and similar obsolete formats).
In addition, with certain camera models Magic Photo Recovery can beused to recover digital pictures and RAW files directly from cameramemory. Direct recovery is possible if the camera connected to thePC via a USB cord mounts as a new drive letter.

Installer Size: 6.50 MB

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