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Macro Mania v13.3.3 DC 2012.03.10 Crack


Software Description: Macro Mania v13.3.3 DC 2012.03.10 Crack

Macro Mania is a software that can createmacros in order to launch programs with just one click. This highlyacclaimed utility will launch new (or detect and switch tocurrently running) Windows programs, then send any keystroke tothat program — fast and easy!

Macro Mania eliminates all the tedious computer tasks andredundant typing chores that can be done much faster and easierwith macros.

Macro Mania can launch new or activate an already running program;send keystrokes to any Windows programs; transfer informationbetween programs; read, write, copy, move, delete and rename filesand folders; interact with the windows clipboard, and muchmore.

All of these tasks, and many more, can be done with macros — whichmeans they can be performed very quickly and with absolute minimaleffort from the computer user.

Macro Mania even has a built in scheduler so you can run macrosunattended. A friendly interface will help you quickly become aMacro Maniac. The program installs with a polished Windows HelpSystem and examples.

Here are some key features of “Macro Mania”:
Launch programs and send keystrokes or mousecommands:
– A whole host of tasks can be automated with that very powerfulconcept alone!!! In essence, you can create macros that act as ifsomeone is sitting at the computer and performing all the tasksmanually (and because the computer is doing the work, it is alldone much faster than would otherwise be humanly possible).

Schedule macros to run unattended:
– Easily schedule unattended events (system maintenance, backups,etc.) with Macro Mania’s built-in scheduler. You can also use it asa “reminder” program to remind you of a meeting, birthday, etc.

Create “if-then” logic:
– Easily create macros that perform tasks based on the data on thescreen, the information in files, or the existance of a file or awindow. Macro Mania also has built-in file commands that can read,copy, delete, move, rename, and create files.

Run macros from the main screen or usehotkeys:
– Use Macro Mania’s friendly point-and-click interface to launchmacros, or you can use hotkeys to launch macros while you areviewing another program. With hotkeys, you can quickly fill outonline forms, create signatures, or otherwise launch a macrowithout switching to Macro Mania itself.

Make macros “user friendly”:
– Use sounds to make macros more fun and exciting, or to provideinstructions to help users. Macro Mania also has several othercommands that can show friendly dialogue boxes, ask for input,pause macros, and more.

Be the “computer hero”:
– Eliminate a whole host of redundant computer chores by creatingmacros: after all, technology should work for people, not the otherway around! As many of our customers have learned, you will easilybecome a “computer hero” as you introduce Macro Mania to friends,family, and colleagues.

– Save time and money and automate all the boring, painfullyredundant computer tasks. Macros can be used to launch dial-upconnections, jump to web sites, fill out online forms, start FTPsessions, or do virtually any computer task, quickly and withminimal effort.

Installer Size: 8.7 MB

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