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Genie Timeline Pro 2018 v10.0.1.100 Crack


Software Description: Genie Timeline Pro 2018 v10.0.1.100 Crack Patch

The Genie Timeline application was designed tobe a Windows Time Machine that performs seamless automaticreal-time backup for all your files and folders.

Simply install it on your computer and set it up in just 3-simplestraightforward steps in which all your important documents, photosand music are backed up to a recommended backup destination withoptional security.

Here are some key features of “Genie TimelinePro”:
Simple and Easy:
– Setup is done in 3 simple steps during which you can choose touse smart selections or customize data to backup through a friendlyuser interface.
– The simplicity of Timeline revolutionizes the term “set it andforget it.”

Disaster Recovery:
– Restore your system and data even if your operating system nolonger loads. You are given the option to create a bootable startupdisk in a virtual partition, USB drive, or ISO image.

Intelli Continuous Data Protection (CDP):
– Data is continuously backed up depending on file types. GenieTimeline intelligently backs up files, such as documents, morefrequently than large virtual images.
– You are also given the ability to set the time interval betweeneach backup.

– Go back in time with Genie Timeline and recover old files,whether through Timeline explorer or the search feature.
– Genie Timeline saves past versions of your documents which youcan revert back to easily.

Block Level Backup:
– Using block level technology, Genie Timeline determines and backsup only new and modified sections of files; saving both time andspace.

– Genie Timeline runs on different modes depending on PC usage. Youcan choose to run in Smart Mode which slows down or speeds upaccording to CPU usage or Turbo Mode which runs at fastestspeed.
– Power Saving Mode slows down Timeline when on the go andGame/Movie Mode pauses backup while playing a game or
– watching a movie.

Data Types:
– Backup a wide variety of data such as E-mails, Documents,Desktop, Office files, eBooks, Bookmarks, Pictures, Videos &Music.

Backup Breakdown:
– Capacity and distribution of data types are displayed ininformative charts. You can easily get a clear picture andunderstand details of what is being backed up.

Merges with Windows:
– Genie Timeline is merged into Windows. You can add/exclude files,or view deleted files and all versions with a simple rightclick.
– Timeline also integrates a slider into the familiar folder view,where you can easily roll back your data to any point in time.

Installer Size: 13.3 MB

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