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FileBack PC v4.1 Crack


Software Description: FileBack PC v4.1 Full Crack

FileBack PC is a filebackup and synchronization utility designed to backup your datausing media you are already familiar with: a hard drive, removablemedia drive, or network drive.

Applications include disk mirroring, backup and adding fileversioning capability to Windows.

Here are some key features of “FileBackPC”:
– Backup to/from local hard disk drives: Use any hard disk drivewith a drive letter in Windows Explorer to perform backups
– Backup to/from removable media drives: Use USB flash, Zip, Jaz,LS-120, Orb, etc. drives in your backups
– Backup to/from CD/DVD media: You may backup to discs formatted bypacket writing software and your backup job will fit on one disc.(Windows XP’s built in disc writing capability is supported aswell)
– Backup to other computers: Backup data on your local computer toanother computer on the network using Windows file sharing feature(this includes Virtual Private Network and Direct CableConnections)
– Backup from other computers: Perform backups of remote computerson your network using a centralized computer. (“networked” alsoincludes computers connected using a VPN or direct cableconnection)
– Backups to/from other local drives: Any drive attached directlyto your computer which has a drive letter in Windows Explorer canbe used as a backup source or destination.
– Speed: FileBack is very fast because it only backs up files whichhave changed since it was last run.
– File backup with revision tracking: You may keep up to 999versions of any file or group of files. With the built-in filerestoration tools, you can restore any file(s) to the originallocation to their state as of a given date and time since thebackups were started.
– Folder synchronization: Keep two folders in perfectsynchronization.
– Backups at Windows startup and shutdown: Most Windowsconfiguration files are most often changed before Windows exits.Backing up at Windows startup or shutdown keeps your importantsystem files backed up all the time.
– Backups at timed intervals: You set the interval of how often youwant the timed backups to run. Since FileBack runs in thebackground and only backs up files which have changed, you can setit to run as often as you like; it runs without interrupting yourwork.
– Automatic backup of changed files: Windows supports foldercontent change notification. Whenever you save a file to a folderthat is being watched by FileBack PC, a backup of that file isautomatically created within a configurable time period.
– Note: Windows 95/98/Me do not support change notification overnetworks.
– Compressed backup files: Save space on your backup media usingcompression yielding better results than .ZIP files.
– Encrypted backup files: Protects your backup files from viewingby unauthorized individuals.
– Schedule backup jobs: Create schedules for each individual backupjob
– Backup job grouping: In addition to built-in groups based onbackup triggers, you can create your own groups to help organizeyour backup jobs.
– Network features: FileBack PC keeps track of network UNC paths,usernames, and passwords for backup folders. When it runs it willre-map these connections or use a suitable alternate connection asnecessary.
– Flexible reporting: FileBack PC features a very verbose log,which can be filtered or searched in many ways, or can be exportedto other applications
– Wizard Interface: Utilize a step-by-step interface for creatingyour backup jobs, restoring data, requesting technical support, andother tasks.
– Automatic configuration: When you run FileBack PC the first time,it will automatically scan your computer for popular applications,then automatically create the appropriate backup jobs. It will thencontinue to monitor your system for new software installations.
– Easy backup folder cleanup: With many backup programs, old,obsolete files which have long since been deleted linger in thebackup location. FileBack has both manually activated and scheduledbackup directory cleanup.
– Easy file restoration: File restoration is can either be donethrough a wizard-like interface, or by picking and choosing filesindividually. In the wizard you can restore the most recent backup,restore files to the way they were at a given date and time, orselect which version of each file to restore manually. You canrestore your files the way they were just a few minutes ago, lastweek, or any other time.
– Explorer Context Menu Integration: Right-click on files orfolders from within Windows Explorer to initiate backups orrestores
– Run as a Windows Service: Run FileBack PC in the background sobackups can occur when no user is logged on (requires extraoptional module)
– Customizable revision naming: You may choose from twelve methodsfor renaming old version backup files. (01_FileName.Ext,FB01_FileName.Ext, FileName_01.Ext, FileName_FB01.Ext,FileName.Ext.01, FileName.Ext.FB01, others)
– Configurable limit on backup versions: You may set the maximumnumber of revision to keep for a given time period. For example, ifyou keep ten revisions of a file, you may set FileBack to onlyallow three of those revisions to be from the previous four hoursso that some of your older backup files may be kept.
– E-mail notification of backup completion: You can be notified viae-mail when a backup job, backup group, or rule completes, andinclude status information in the outgoing e-mail.
– Other alerts of backup completion: Have FileBack PC pop up awindow on screen, send a WinPopup message to computers on thenetwork, store information in the 2000/XP event log, play sounds atcompletion of backups, save text files, or even produce aprintout.
– Rules: Backup jobs, backup groups, execution of externalprograms, text prompts and other notifications can be set to runwhen any number of events occur, including a very powerfulscheduler
– Hardware Events: FileBack PC monitors for changes in hardware andcan start backups or other events based on what hardware isinserted or removed. (2000/XP/2003)
– Integration with EZ Pinger: Use host online/offline status as atrigger for backup rules
– Secure File Deletes: Files may be overwritten before beingdeleted to prevent them from being “undeleted.”
– License management: FileBack PC will assist IT managers intracking the number of software licenses in use.
– Multiple configuration files: Separate the backup jobs andoptions of your configuration into multiple configuration files.This will allow IT managers to create one global configuration filefor all users, a configuration file for each department, and alsoallow each user to customize his/her own FileBack PC configuration.Each individual configuration can be password protected as well, soconfiguration settings made by the IT department can’t be changedby users in Shipping & Receiving.
– Additional pre/post backup options: Shell out to externalapplications, establish dial-up networking connections, closeexternal applications
– Start/stop system services: Stop a service so its files can bebacked up, restart it after the backup is done. (Administratoredition also allows control of services on network-connectedPCs)
– Remotely controllable: Create and edit backup jobs, view logfiles, upgrade FileBack PC over a network

Installer Size: 4.3 MB

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