Sun. Nov 27th, 2022
FileAnalysis v2.2.1 Portable Crack


Software Description: FileAnalysis v2.2.1 Portable Crack

FileAnalysis is a free and handy fileinformation (type, real extension, encoding, development tool,compressor, MD5 code, etc.) analyzer & viewer developed by Lacsapfrom China. It supports drag & drop operation, association withsystem context/right-click menu, and logging function.


FileAnalysis is developed based on the TrID (File Identifier)kernel, and its interface functions are provided by Itsworking principle is read and analyze the signature code within afile, then compare it with the signature info in the softwareinbuilt file types database, finally list the analysis resultaccording to the “possibility”. For now, FileAnalysis has been ableto detect 9148 types of files, and the accuracy of fileidentification is as high as 95%.

Installer Size: 1.9 MB

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