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File Date Corrector v1.40 Crack


Software Description: File Date Corrector v1.12 + Crack

You set up your new computer and all imported files on your newhard disk have now a wrong “Date Created”? Or you copied all yourvacation photos from your digital camera or your smartphone to yourcomputer and you have discovered that the “Date Created” of allpictures is the date of copying? For many applications it isimportant that the system displays the original creation andmodification dates of the files. In particular what legal documentsconcerns, the original “Date Created” is of importance. Also whensorting your pictures, the original “Date Taken” is needed in orderto document your reportage in the correct time sequence.

File Date Corrector for Windows is able tocorrect simply and fast the system-provided file dates “Created”and “Modified”, taking into account the correct time zone. For thispurpose, File Date Corrector is extracting the necessaryinformation from metadata and file information of various filessuch as pictures, video, audio, documents (Microsoft OfficeDocuments as well as Open Document Formats like Open Office, LibreOffice etc.) and PDFs in order to correct the file date “Created”and restore the original creation date / date taken.
File Date Corrector enables to correct file dates “Created” and“Modified” of complete file directories at once. Before thedefinitive execution of corrections, a preview with the intendeddate corrections is displayed.

Directory selection [1. Select Directory]
– Selection of starting directory for the corrections by a treestructure.
– Selection of starting directory by entering the path as a textstring.
– Support for connecting and disconnecting network drives.
– Updating the directory view.

Correction Properties [2. Set File Date]
– Listing of sub-directories and/or files with recursivesub-directory listing (Run through subdirectories).
– Set directory recursion depth for subdirectories.

File Date Correctory Run ThroughSubdirectories
– Sort files/directories by name in NATURAL order (like WindowsExplorer).
– Selection of date type: “Created” and/or “Modified”.
– Selection of correction type: “by met information of files” or“by fixed date and time”.
– Selection of the relevant meta information for file datecorrection of “Created”:
– “Document: Date/Time created”,
– “Image: EXIF Date/Time taken”,
– “Image: IPTC Date/Time created”,
– “Audio: Date recorded”,
– “Video: Date recorded”.
– Selection of the relevant meta information for file datecorrection of “Modified”:
– “Document: Date/Time modified”,
– “Image: EXIF Date/Time changed “,
– “Image: IPTC Date/Time created” (IPTC has no modified-date),
– “Audio: Date recorded ” (Audio has no modified-date),
– “Video: Date recorded ” (Videos has no modified-date).
– Selection of the preference for EXIF before IPTC or vice versa(for images).

Preview Generation [3. Preview]
– Process files and list fixes found, with date “before correction”and date “after correction”, separately for date “created” and/ordate “modified”.
– Show the number of found objects (files).

Apply Corrections [4. Correct now!]
– Apply the proposed corrections effectively.
– The correction status is displayed after the correction:
– corrected (correction was successful),
– read only (no correction applied),
– failed (correction was not successful).
– The button “4. Correct now” is available only if a “Preview” hasbeen created first.
– For the application of the date corrections a full version of theprogram is needed.

Functions built-in the file list [Search field and contextmenu]
– Search: Find a string in the file list using the search modes“Search from the beginning” and “Continue searching from thecurrent row”.
– Context menu: Delete selected row (file), open the directorycontaining the selected object, open/start the selected object,show properties of the selected file or directory. Correct “DateCreated” and “Date Modified” with File Date Corrector

 Program settings [Menu: Setup]
– Automatic saving of settings when exiting the program.
– Automatic set up of a program shortcut on the desktop.
– Support for connecting and disconnecting network drives.
– Remember last used directory.
– Setting to use daylight saving time retroactively duringapplication of the date corrections:
– “No Daylight Saving Time Consideration”
– “Consider Daylight Saving Time of USA”
– “Consider Daylight Saving Time of EUROPE”.

Installer Size: 8.29 MB

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