Sun. May 28th, 2023
ExtraBits v1.9 Crack


Software Description: ExtraBits v1.9 + Full Crack

ExtraBits is a free* extension for the FileExplorer app, which comes built into Windows. This was previouslycalled Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows.
Where ExtraBits comes into its own, is it adds a number of commandsto the context menu, which reduces the time taken on normal fileand folder operations. Overall, it is a real time saver, if you usethe context menu regularly.
*ExtraBits is free for non-commercial use with alimit of 100 selected files or folders.

Main commands include:
– Copy Filenames. This action copies the names of the selectedfiles or folders to the Windows clipboard.
– Copy Filename with options. This action creates a dialog, whichallows you to set what file attributes are copied.
– Paste Filename. This action renames a file or folder with thetext located on the clipboard.
– Multi Rename. This action allow you to rename numerous files andfolders simultaneously.
– Extract Folder. This action moves all the files and subfoldersout of a selected folder, and proceeds to delete the emptyfolder.
– Delete Empty Folders. This action scans the selected folder forany empty folders, and lets you delete them.
– Configure ExtraBits. This action allow you to configure which ofthe ExtraBits commands are shown, and how they are shown; either inthe ExtraBits sub-menu, or in the main context menu.

Installer Size: 6.9 MB

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