Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
East-Tec Backup 2008 v2.0.1.11 Crack


Software Description: East-Tec Backup 2008 v2.0.1.11 + Activation Crack

East-Tec Backup will backup and protect thefiles and data you care about (files, folders, documents, emails,photos, address book, and settings from your favorite programs suchas Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook andOutlook Express, and more).
East-Tec Backup is very easy to use and features intuitive wizards,automatic backups (with built-in scheduling), data compression(using the widely popular ZIP open format, a non-proprietaryformat, giving you full control over your backup), strong militaryAES encryption (adopted as an encryption standard by the USgovernment), the ability to backup to any media (hard disks,CDs/DVDs, USB sticks, network or Internet locations), FTP support(with upload auto-resuming supported), a version control mechanismthat allows backing up only changed files, and more.
Other features include backing up without the need to close runningprograms, file filtering (include or exclude certain file typesfrom your backup), the ability to run programs/commands before orafter the backup, and detailed backup logs and emailnotifications.

Here are some key features of “East-TecBackup”:
– Back up all data you care about: files, folders, documents,emails, photos, address book, computer and program settings
– Back up data and settings from your favorite programs (InternetExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express,and more)
– Backup to any media: hard disks, CDs/DVDs, USB sticks, network orInternet locations
– ZIP: Secure, accessible, non-proprietary backup format that givesyou full control over your backed up data
– Military strength 256-bit AES strong encryption to keep your datasecure
– Automatic backups and built-in scheduling

Installer Size: 13.1 MB

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