Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
DAMN NFO Viewer v2.10.0032.RC3 Crack


Software Description: DAMN NFO Viewer v2.10.0032.RC3 Keygen Crack

Opening files that contain ASCII art is a task that Windows cando by default, but there are some specialized tools that offer abit more to anyone who is interested.

DAMN NFO Viewer is a tiny application that canlend you a hand when trying to open documents in formats like NFO,DIZ or TXT files. Many users rely on Notepad to address thisproblem, but this particular software solution offers some extrafeatures.

The installation process doesn’t pose major problems and takesvery little of your time. The application has a simple interfaceand a basic settings menu that enables you to configure a couple ofoptions to make it even easier to use.

Furthermore, DAMN NFO Viewer has a handy copy-on-select functionthat automatically copies the text you select, just like thefeature we’ve seen in mIRC some years ago. Additionally, it comeswith drag and drop support, a separate feature to set backgroundand text colors, as well as word wrap support, similar toNotepad.

The good thing about DAMN NFO Viewer is that it has a customizableappearance, so you can change some visual settings to make it a bitmore appealing. In addition, this utility sports shell integrationand has Unicode support, as well as three word wrapping modes andsmart line breaking.

To cut the long story short, DAMN NFO Viewer is a tiny tool thatdoes exactly what its name suggests: helps you view NFO files thatcontain ASCII Art and other types of information. The applicationis definitely worth a try and in case Notepad isn’t exactly whatyou’re looking for, be sure to give this little but powerfulprogram a go.

Installer Size: 0.282 MB

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