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CPUBalance Pro v1.0.0.70 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: CPUBalance Pro v1.0.0.70 x86/x64 Crack

CPUBalance is a lightweight tool that uses thecompany’s ProBalance technology to monitor and prevent runningprocesses from hogging the processor, in order to improve thesystem’s response time. This application can be run standalone oralong with Process Lasso, enhancing its existing ProBalancefeature.

Monitor running processes to block CPU hogs
Following a speedy installation that shouldn’t be difficult,CPUBalance gets integrated into the systray at startup, although itdoesn’t draw your attention. Also, it adds itself to the Windowsautstart sequence to run automatically every time you turn on youcomputer.
As soon as it’s fired up, the utility begins to keep an eye on yourrunning processes, taking note of their activity, such as time oflaunch and process priority change. Clicking the tray icon bringsup the main window, where you can view a list of all processessorted by the restraint count.

Set process restraints and view detailed logs
This way, you can get a better idea of the programs that typicallyuse more CPU. In addition to the restraint count, you can check outthe name, frequency of actions, and last time of restraint. Toprevent the program from affecting a process’ priority, you can addit to an exclusion list from the right-click menu.
Furthermore, you can open the log to view extensive details abouteach action taken by CPUBalance, including the time, process name,action (e.g. ProBalance restraint ended, process prioritytemporarily lowered), more information, computer and user name,path, and command line. Filters can be applied if you’re trying tolocate a particular event. This log can be saved as a CSV file.

Set exclusions and change the CPU affinity duringrestraints
Returning to the main window, you can disable ProBalance from themenu or set it to disarm itself when the PC is idle, play sound onprocess events, manage excluded processes, disable core parking orlower I/O priority during restraint as well as allow or forbid theapp from acting on system services, non-normal priority processes,foreground processes or children of foreground processes. Also, theCPU affinity can be changed during restraint.

Promising process manager for CPU-related events
All aspects considered, CPUBalance can become a reliable assistantfor controlling the behavior of CPU-demanding processes, especiallyfor users who frequently work with multiple applications at thesame time. It ran smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests, and we’repatiently waiting for a stable release of the product.

Installer Size: ~
2 MB

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