Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
Better File Select v2.19.0 Crack


Software Description: Better File Select v2.19.0 Crack Patch

Better File Select is a shell extension for theWindows Explorer, which allows users to quickly select multiplefiles based on a range of criteria.
The simplest selection method is through partial file name matches,i.e. “select all files which contain .gif”.
A more powerful method is to use wildcards known to many usersthrough UNIX and DOS. Select all files which match ‘image*.gif'”will match all files which start with “image” and end in”.gif”.
The most powerful method available is to use regular expressionpattern matching which is available on powerful Unix commands.
If all this sounds a bit complicated to you, don’t worry. BetterFile Select features a simple and intuitive user interface. Simplydownload it and give it a try. You soon won’t want to live withoutit!

Features of “Better File Select”:
– wildcard support
– full regular expressions support for the power user
– iterative refinement of selection
– digital photography EXIF format support
– select all files which contain a sequence of characters
– select all files which begin with a sequence of characters
– select all files which end in a sequence of characters
– select files based on the creation or modification date
– ignore case feature
– do not selection feature
– fully integrated into the Windows Explorer
– integrated with Better File Rename for Windows

Installer Size: 5.5 MB

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