Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
BackUp Maker Professional Edition v7.300 Crack


Software Description: BackUp Maker Professional Edition v7.300 Full Crack

Viruses, user errors and computer crashes put you at risk tolose important data at any time. Therefore, it is crucial to secureyour files regularly so that in cases of emergency, your computerdata is still accessible.

BackUp Maker automatically stores your data and atthe same time offers an intuitive operation: select your data,optionally set automatization for scheduled backups, select itsdestination and within an instant, your valuable documents aretransferred in zip format to a hard drive, USB flash drive ordirectly to CD/DVD as scheduled or according to circumstances.

To ensure that your sensitive data remains secure at all times -BackUp Maker provides a highly secured encryption of up to 256 bits(AES). It also enables you to transfer protected backups to awebserver through an FTP/FTPS upload.

Note to security experts: You can limitlessly secure informationusing BackUp Maker. Back-up only new and changed files; create asmany backup generations as needed; split the backup across multipledata storage devices and carry out random operations before orafter backups!

Installer Size: 7.5 MB

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