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Auslogics File Recovery v8.0.5 Crack


Software Description: Auslogics File Recovery v8.0.10 Crack Patch

Auslogics File Recovery – An effective and easyto use program that will recover accidentally deleted files andfiles deleted by virus attacks and software faults.

Recover Any File
Often we delete a file, then clear the Recycle Bin and the file islost. Software programs sometimes crash during a transaction with afile and this can accidentally delete the file. Viruses are anothercommon cause of data loss. This is where File Recovery comes torescue. With this program you can recover deleted documents, music,digital photos, applications and all other files from your harddrive, USB memory sticks or digital camera memory cards.

Flexible Search System
You can take advantage of the flexible search options to minimizefile recovery time. The program allows you to select the drives youwant to scan for deleted files and specify the types of files youare searching for. If you remember when the deleted files were lastmodified, you can specify a date range. In addition to that, youcan search deleted files by name

Restore Data from Lost Partitions
File Recovery can locate the information about deleted portions ofthe disk, so that you will be able to recover files from a lostpartition. This even applies to deleted portions of the disk thatgot reallocated for other partitions. File Recovery also detectsfiles that were on the disk before it got formatted. And if it wasjust a quick format of a partition, the program will be able torecover these files.

Securely Erase Files
File Shredder is a valuable feature that should be used by anyonewho wishes to ensure immediate and complete deletion of aconfidential file from the current disk drive. Few users realizethat files deleted in a usual way can be restored by powerfulrecovery programs such as Auslogics File Recovery even when theRecycle Bin is emptied. Files deleted with File Shredder cannot berestored by any file recovery software.

Support for Any Types of Drives And Devices
Auslogics File Recovery guarantees professional recovery of allfile types from all kinds of media. With the program you canrecover files deleted from your PC, external hard drives and USBsticks in a quick and easy way. The program also supports all typesof digital cameras’ and camcorders’ memory cards, so any recentlydeleted picture or movie from your digital camera can be restoredas well.

Create an Image of Your Disk
Take advantage of the program’s useful feature that allows you tocreate a complete disk image. The disk image file is the exactimage of the logical drive along with all the information containedon the disk, including deleted files. This option allows you torecover files from the disk image later on while continuing workingwith the logical drive. Having an image of your drive is also anexcellent way to back up all your data.

Preview Files Before Recovering
Another major benefit of Auslogics File Recovery is its advancedpreview options. The program allows you to preview photos, videos,documents and PDF files right from the program, while browsingthrough the list of files found during the scan. This option willhelp you to quickly find files you are searching for and decidewhich of them need to be recovered.

Wipe Free Disk Space
Similar to File Shredder, Disk Wiper securely deletes files fromyour disk drive. The difference is that this wizard will wipe thefree space on your drive, so that any traces of deleted files aregone for good. You don’t have to select specific files to delete -the tool only affects files that have already been deleted. Usethis feature to be sure that none of your previously deleted filescan ever be restored.

Installer Size: 11.4 MB

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