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Ashampoo ZIP Business v2.00.43 DC 14.09.2017 Crack


Software Description: Ashampoo ZIP Business v2.00.43 DC 14.09.2017 + Activation Crack

Ashampoo ZIP Business includes 8 powerfulmodules to compress, extract, send and encrypt your data. Theprogram covers all use cases relevant to companies. Ashampoo ZIPBusiness handles over 30 formats with high precision and speed.Highly reliable features and unbreakable 256-bit encryptionguarantee that your sensitive data stays safe. Create archives orautomated backups with full multi-core support and process hugedata sets with ease. The innovative built-in file explorer comeswith a classic split pane view and offers cloud support, FTP accessand, naturally, essential ZIP core functionality.

Everything included
Escape the file format jungle with a single click! ZIP, RAR, TAR,CAB and many others – Ashampoo ZIP Business quickly opens yourfiles and assembles multi-part archives with ease. Whenever youneed to compress, extract, encrypt or send files, this program willget the job done and make your life easier. Save time and nervesand harness the full feature set of Ashampoo ZIP Business!

ZIP Business to go
Owners of a full version receive the portable version for free!This allows you to carry the program with you wherever you go, e.g.on a portable hard disk. All settings stored on that disk willautomatically be read as soon as you plug it into a PC. Theportable version is smaller but still very powerful and offersalmost the same feature set but without the need forinstallation!

Your indispensable helper for Outlook, Excel and Word
Ashampoo® ZIP Pro 2 solves two common email issues at once: sizeand security.

The Outlook add-in enables you to compress and encrypt yourmails securely. You can either specify the file size threshold thattriggers encryption and select the compression method andencryption settings manually or have the program do it for you. Andsince these features will be added directly to Outlook, you don’thave to launch any external application. The Word and Excel add-insalso feature functions to compress, send and encrypt yourdocuments. Everything is easy and integrates with your existingprograms!

Not just any Explorer – your Explorer
Are you missing the old, split-view Windows Explorer? Ashampoo® ZIPPro 2 masterfully implements this concept and adds features tocompress, extract, burn and send files along with many other usefulfunctions! Create and open archives or send them to the cloud,connect to FTP servers or enjoy the powerful file preview feature,it couldn’t be any easier. Powerful but intuitive andself-explanatory. Enjoy the file explorer you always wanted!

Encrypt and sign for maximum security
Ashampoo® ZIP Pro 2 can protect your files with strong 256-bitencryption against unauthorized access. This includes Office andPDF documents that can be signed and encrypted from within theirapplications. This is recommended for official or sensitivedocuments to improve security and credibility. Keep your files safeand unaltered with Ashampoo® ZIP Pro 2.

Open disc images easily
Ashampoo® ZIP Business makes it easy to convert your discs intofile images that can then be used like any ordinary disk drive.It’s as if the CD (DVD, Blu-ray) was in your drive but with fasterand more convenient file access. You can also set up multiplevirtual drives and use them in parallel, ideal for disc images!

Always ready for the right-click
Smart system integration gives you access to essential ZIP featuresright in your Windows Explorer. It only takes a single right-clickto open, compress, send, encrypt or upload files to the cloud. ZIPdoesn’t need to be running, simply select a function and theprogram will do the work.

The best way into the cloud
Accessing various cloud services doesn’t get any easier or morecomfortable than with Ashampoo® ZIP Pro 2. Upload and Downloadfiles via Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Sky Drive, Box.Net andAzure right from within the program. You can open file archiveslive and even perform file backups to the cloud! Simply put in yourlogin data and you’re all set. Sounds user-friendly? That’s becauseit is!

Data recovery
Downloaded files or files hosted on corrupted storage media arefrequently damaged and seem irrevocably lost. No need to abandonall hope. Ashampoo ZIP PRO 2 can repair these files and recovertheir contents. Retrieve damaged archives and recover yourfiles.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo ZIPBusiness”:
– Multi-core support
– Full 256-bit encryption
– Excel and Word add-ins to compress, send and encrypt document
– Includes portable application version
– Split-view Explorer with additional ZIP features
– Access main features quickly through Windows Explorer right-clickmenu
– Supports 4K displays
– Built-in cloud support
– Use virtual drives
– Encrypt or sign documents
– Automated backups
– Create self-extracting archives

Installer Size: 65.23 MB

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