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Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate v3.20.00 Crack


Software Description: Ashampoo HDD Control Corporate v3.20.00 Crack

As long as the drive is functioning properly, you are lulledinto a false sense of security. However, when the trusted harddrive suddenly fails, this is more than just a minor inconvenience.As a consequence, the data that is lost is often very damaging.Ashampoo HDD Control is therefore ideally suitedto boost the performance of your drive, guard against disk failureand remove clutter from your hard drives, while performing allthree functions of monitoring, maintenance and defragmentation.

Monitoring: The software supports all commonlyavailable IDE and serial ATA drives. Devices connected to thesystem via USB, firewire or RAID controller often do not supportthis function. Based on the type of drive in use, Ashampoo providesthe user with all important facts and information, including thefirmware version, cache size, number of configured partitions,drive space and current temperature. In the final report, theprogram also provides information on the health and performance ofthe hard drive.

Maintenance: Over time, an ever-growing number ofunwanted and unneeded files accumulate on your hard drive andAshampoo HDD Control is a useful tool to help you locate and deletethese files. Temporary files, files in the recycling bin and backupcopies are all removed. In addition, the software empties thecache, clears the browsing history and erases cookies from theInternet browser.

Defragmentation: With its defrag module, theprogram is able to read out file fragments and arrange these in onecluster on the hard drive to ensure rapid access. As a result, thehard drive needs to spin less while the performance remainsunchanged. As an additional benefit, there is less demand placed onsystem resources. Proactive defragmentation uses the time when youare not working to measure the level of disk fragmentation. If itneeds to be defragmented, the process is started automatically.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo HDD Control[DISCOUNT 20% OFF]”:
Basic functions:
– Information on serial numbers, firmware, cache, bad sectors onyour hard disk(s)
– Background guard continuously monitors status, performance andtemperature
– In-depth explanations and information on context-sensitivehelp
– Displays all current SMART files with detailed explanations
– Able to export reports for support purposes
– Fully configurable temperature monitoring available in Celsiusand Fahrenheit
– Option to automatically save all incidents in separate log
– Simple controls and GUI including color schemes
– Easy and automatic software updates

– Powerful, high-speed disk clean-up
– Objects found can be configured and managed in shortcut menus
– Objects found can be managed using intelligent filtermechanisms
– New exception rules can be created manually or automatically
– Supports the latest generation of browsers (Firefox, InternetExplorer, Opera)
– Wide range of options to customize configuration to meet userrequirements
– High level of security thanks to years of experience and advancedcookie management

– High-quality defragmentation performed to latest standards
– Fully automatic ‘proactive’ defragmentation runs inbackground
– Defragmentation algorithm with minimum impact on systemperformance
– Range of defragmentation options (fast, normal, intelligent)
– Parallel defragmentation of all drives and/or partitions
– Comprehensive configuration and customization options

– Monitoring
– Self-monitoring, analysis, status reports on imminentfailures
– Evaluation of health and performance status of your harddrive(s)
– Range of evaluation criteria available for customizedconfiguration
– Email alerts to notify user that condition of hard drive(s) hasdeteriorated and failure is imminent
– Direct link to Windows event log
S.M.A.R.T. technology provides information on (if supportedby drive):
– Number of hours in operation and start-up processes
– Error rate during positioning
– Start/stop processes of drive heads
– Number of parking sequences for write/read units
– Disk calibration attempts
– Reallocations (in event of bad disk sectors)
– Controller hard drive transfer rate (defective cable)
– And many more
– Temperature display including early warning of overheating

– Identifies all values required to evaluate the performance ofyour hard drive(s)
– Clearly structured GUI for performance evaluation (benchmark)
– Online database link for direct comparison of your results withother systems
Clear presentation of information and values on:
– min./max. data transfer rates
– average data transfer rates
– access times

Installer Size: 17.4 MB

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