Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
Abelssoft FolderVisualizer v7.2 Crack


Software Description: Abelssoft FolderVisualizer v7.2 Full Crack

Give yourself X-ray vision and look inside your hard drive tofind out what’s hogging your space!
FolderVisualizer finds space wasting files andspace intensive programs in seconds. This tool analyzes yourharddisks and shows you exactly, which files and folders occupymost of your space.
This tool analyzes your harddisks and shows you exactly, whichfiles and folders occupy most of your space. Can analyze internaland external disk drives including USB sticks

Here are some key features of”FolderVisualizer”:
– Finds space wasting files within seconds
– Shows statistics and charts about your disk drive
– analyze internal and external disk drives including USBsticks

Installer Size: 2.70 MB

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