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WipeDrive Pro v3.0.2 Crack


Software Description: WipeDrive Pro v3.0.2 Crack Patch

Your sold, donated or discarded computer could cost youthousands! Deleting a file, partitioning a disk, or formatting ahard drive will not erase all of your data!
Don’t give away your personal information with your old PC. Youcomputer can contain financial records, online banking information,credit card numbers, passwords, company trade secrets, and more.Wipe and erase a computer before selling or donating it. Protectyourself from Identity Theft. Start with a clean slate.
WipeDrive an interesting and professional tool created for thosewho need to purge unwanted disk data before selling or donating acomputer, eliminate all personal data before returning a computerto an employer, or erase a damaged operating system with possiblehidden viruses.
Easily Wipe Your Hard Drive
Simply insert the WipeDrive CD (or floppy for olders computers) andrestart your computer.
Follow the prompts to wipe your hard drive.
Verify that all data has been erased (optional).
Reinstall Windows (if applicable).

Here are some key features of “WipeDrive”:
– Listed as an Approved Disk Sanitizing Tool by the U.S. Departmentof Defense.
– Wipe any type of hard drive (IDE, SCSI, SATA).
– Wipe any size hard drive.
– Contains optional command line parameters for more usercontrol.
– Permanently wipe out operating systems, program files, and allfile data.
– Wipe ALL data from your hard drive.
– Wipe all partition tables and drive formats – FAT16, FAT32, NTFS,and Linux.
– Verify that your data has been wiped clean.
– View individual drive sectors.
– Option to create an audit log to capture verify and wipe harddrive events that can be imported into Microsoft Access® and/orExcel®.

Installer Size: 0.54 MB

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