Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
USB Disabler Pro v3.5.5.27 Crack


Software Description: USB Disabler Pro v3.5.5.27 Crack

USB Disabler is a software program thatprovides users with a simple means of enabling or disabling the USBaccess on their computer, with a minimal amount of effort.
Take control of your network, and prevent unauthorized use of USBflash drives. USB Disabler Pro allows you to pick specific usersand grant or deny them access to USB flash drives and memorysticks.

Prevent unauthorized flash drive, and memory stickaccess
Worried that someone will copy sensitive data to a flash drive? USBDisabler Pro can lock out flash drives without interfering withscanners, cameras, mice and keyboards.

Allow Access to individual flash drives
Do you want to allow a select number of flash drives to haveaccess? USB Disabler can allow and deny flash drives based on theirunique device ID.

Need to allow your IT Staff to use flash drives?
USB Disabler uses active directory security groups to limit access.You can easily create a group that has full access, while denyingothers

Stop unauthorized use of flash drives, and memory sticks onyour network.

Installer Size: 5.5 MB

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