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Ultra Recall Professional v5.3 Crack


Software Description: Ultra Recall Professional v5.3 Crack Serial

Easily capture website data from the internet or content fromthe local file system, including web pages, Microsoft Officedocuments, email messages, contacts, notes, appointments, newsgroupposts, images, text, and more. In addition to storing the originaldocument location, the page’s icon and the full content of thedocument can be permanently stored and keyworded so that noinformation will be lost even if the document disappears from theinternet or is deleted.

Keep Everything in One Place
Any web page, document, image, note, or text can be added to UltraRecall and then easily organized, edited, annotated, and recalledwhen needed.

Easy Navigation of Data and Documents
For easier personal information management, a host of capabilitiesare provided to quickly navigate your data: a completeforward/back history of recently viewed items, favorites fordefining and accessing frequently used items, auto-completion andhistory for input fields, searching on popular or recently useditems, and more.

As personal information and documents are added and modified inUltra Recall, unlimited undo and redo is available for all changesthat are made.

Automatic Management of Metadata
Attributes about each piece of information, such as its icon,creation date, last access date, access count, source URL, summaryproperties, etc., are automatically managed by Ultra Recall.

Logical Linking
Rather than being limited to a single hierarchy of information,this document manager lets you link items in multiple locations viadrag/drop or copy/paste, allowing information to be organizedhowever you desire.

Item Flags and Reminders
When adding important files, web pages, contacts, projects, tasks,notes, and more, they can be flagged with a variety of colors, andany item can display a recurring reminder.

Advanced Search Capabilities
Extensive search capabilities are provided, including Quick searchas well as Advanced search, with AND, OR, grouping, and muchmore.

Extensive Keyboard Accessibility
Customizable keyboard shortcuts are provided for nearly allfunctionality, and this document manager is fully usable bykeyboard or mouse users (or any combination).

Secure everything stored in an Ultra Recall Info Database with asingle password.

Fast, Fast, Fast
Ultra Recall was designed from the ground up to provide optimalperformance. Because this personal information management tool is anative Windows application and is not dependent on .NET or Java, itstarts and runs very quickly, and it operates well even on olderhardware. Most searches are indexed and will usually be nearlyinstantaneous, and because of the high-performance embeddeddatabase engine, performance remains strong even as the databasegrows.

Installer Size: 19.4 MB

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