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Steganos Safe v18.0.0 Revision 12006 Crack


Software Description: Steganos Safe v19.0.0 R12184 Crack Serial

It’s more than a little unsettling knowing that a perfectstranger has access to your private things. But this is exactlywhat can happen if your laptop or portable media gets lost orstolen. When you consider the staggering number of incidentsinvolving lost or stolen hardware, it’s crucial to ensure thatyou’re protecting your data in order to safeguard your privacy.

More than two million laptops are stolen every year, whilecountless USB sticks, DVDs and CDs are lost daily because of theirminiature size. That gives anyone who finds them unrestrictedaccess to documents, photos, movies and more.

Deleting the data on your computer doesn’t mean that it’s gone.There are plenty of data recovery applications that can retrievefragments left on your hard drive or emptied out trash bins.
Email history is loaded with everything from business to personalto very private messages – stuff you don’t want other peoplereading.

The solution is Steganos Safe.

Creates a password-protected virtual safe to store your photos,music, documents, and more. Works like a real safe to protect data— no one can get in without a password. Steganos PicPass lets usersclick a series of pictures, eliminating the need to remembercomplicated passwords.

Turns your USB stick, mobile phone, digital camera, or iPod, into adigital safe key — just plug it into your computer to open, pull itout to close.

Shreds unwanted files permanently and defeats data recoveryapplications. And deep cleans the free spaces on your hard andexternal drives – this way your vacation photos aren’treconstructed in case you sell your computer. In addition, SteganosSafe will block unauthorized access to e-mails with fast one clickencryption.

Deposit all your important documents, private photos and videos inSteganos Safe – out of reach for others and highly secure! Evenhighly sensible data like PIN/TAN lists or secret codes are safelyprotected in the virtual vault of Steganos Safe.

Safeguard content with Steganos PicPass – even without apassword
Steganos Safe works just like a real vault and protects all of yourdata from unauthorized third-party access. Without the rightpassword, nobody can retrieve the contents. And with SteganosPicPass you don’t even need a password – the right sequence ofimages will open the safe.

Seamless system integration
The unlocked safe seamlessly integrates itself in the system as adisk drive and can be used from any application. For example, youcan save files you’re working on in Word directly to Steganos Safe.If desired, you can even launch the safe directly from Windows. Itcouldn’t be easier or more secure!

Here are some key features of “Steganos Safe”:
Highly secure encryption:
– The algorithm used for encryption, AES (Advanced EncryptionStandard), protects your sensitive data with 256-bit encoding.Thanks to multicore support, it can do this in real time and it’suncrackable!

Vaults up to 1 Terabyte big:
– Encrypted virtual safes protect documents, photos and videos onPCs and laptops. Each data vault – any number of which can be setup – holds up to 1,000 GB = 1 terabyte! The size of safes can alsobe modified at a later stage by using the practical slidecontrol.

Portable safe – the vault to take with you:
– The data vault you can take with you – on a USB stick, CD, DVD orBluRay disc. Practical: you don’t need any extra software to open aSteganos Portable Safe™ on another computer.

Invisible. The hidden safe:
– Steganos Safe not only encrypts your data, but alsoinconspicuously hides it in a picture, piece of music or a video.So you can even file away highly sensitive data.

Steganos Shredder:
– Personal data like your private documents, pictures or videos canget into the wrong hands if you send your computer off to a repairor sell it. You can prevent that from happening! Steganos Shredderpermanently deletes the traces you leave behind on your PC –totally automatically if desired.

Quick and easy:
– If desired, you can open and close your safe with practicalkeyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts to opened safes are created on thedesktop. Data can then be easily copied to the safe with a simpledrag & drop. Or automatically launch the safe upon logging intoyour computer. Applications can also be automatically launchedafter you’ve opened the drive.

Installer Size: 33.3 MB

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