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Rohos Logon Key v3.2 DC 09.08.2016 Crack


Software Description: Rohos Logon Key v3.5 + Full Crack

Rohos Logon Key installs a new systemwelcome-screen (login dialog).
It’s easy-to-use, reliable, user-friendly and smarter than thetypical Windows 2000 login dialog or Windows XP welcome screen.
Rohos Logon Key, you can replace you password with a hardware Key.Rohos allows you to store your user name and password informationon the USB flash drive and then use this key to access yourpersonal computer environment. Rohos Logon Key is a software thataccesses Windows through USB.

Here are some key features of “Rohos LogonKey”:
– Stores and auto-fill Windows password by using your USB flashdrive.
– Shows clock, date and customized text messages on the welcomescreen.
– Set new shutdown dialog (loggoff screen) with customized picture,always visible hibernate button and ‘on computer’ time counter.
– Allows you to edit user list on the welcome screen.
USB-stick Security features:
– Automatically locks your desktop upon removal of the USB stick(flash drive).
– Protects USB flash drive by PIN code entry.
– Anti-keylogger features: Virtual keyboard for PIN code.
– Secures your shares by eliminating unwanted access to your sharedfolders.
Allows to customize welcome screen with:
– Your logo background picture
– Bigger user account image (icon for user account). (Only forWin2k)
– Caption and text messages (works like reminder).

Installer Size: 8.80 MB

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