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L0phtCrack v7.1.0 x86/x96 Crack


Software Description: L0phtCrack v7.0.14 x86/x96 + Crack

The L0phtCrack application is packed withpowerful features such as scheduling, hash extraction from 64 bitWindows versions, multiprocessor algorithms, and networksmonitoring and decoding. Yet it is still the easiest to usepassword auditing and recovery software available.

Here are some key features of “L0phtCrack”:
Password Scoring:
– L0phtCrack 6 provides a scoring metric to quickly assess passwordquality. Passwords are measured against current industry bestpractices, and are rated as Strong, Medium, Weak, or Fail.

Pre-computed Dictionary Support:
– Pre-computed password files is a must have feature in passwordauditing. L0phtCrack 6 supports pre-computed password hashes.Password audits now take minutes instead of hours or days.

Windows & Unix Password Support:
– L0phtCrack 6 imports and cracks Unix password files. Performnetwork audits from a single interface.

Remote password retrieval:
– L0phtCrack 6 has a built-in ability to import passwords fromremote Windows, including 64-bit versions of Vista, Windows 7, andUnix machines, without requiring a third-party utility.

Scheduled Scans:
– System administrators can schedule routine audits with L0phtCrack6. Audits can be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or just once,depending on the organization’s auditing requirements.

– L0phtCrack 6 offers remediation assistance to systemadministrators on how to take action against accounts that havepoor passwords. Accounts can be disabled, or the passwords can beset to expire from within the L0phtCrack 6 interface. Remediationworks for Windows user accounts only.

Updated Vista/Windows 7 Style UI:
– The user interface is improved and updated. More information isavailable about each user account, including password age, lock-outstatus, and whether the account is disabled, expired, or neverexpires. Information on L0phtCrack 6’s current session is providedin an “immediate window” with a reporting tab providingup-to-the-minute status of the current auditing session.

Executive Level Reporting:
– L0phtCrack 6 has real-time reporting that is displayed in aseparate, tabbed interface. Auditing results are displayed based onauditing method, risk severity, and password character sets.

Password Risk Status:
– Displays risk status in four different categories: Empty, HighRisk, Medium Risk, and Low Risk.

Password Audit Method:
– Displays the completion of all four methods L0phtCrack 6 uses:Dictionary, Hybrid, Precomputed, and Brute Force.

Password Character Sets:
– Reports the completion of the various character sets beingaudited, including, Alpha, Alphanumeric, Alphanumeric/Symbol,Alphanumeric/Symbol/International.

Password Length Distribution:
– Reports the overall length of the discovered password byaccount.

Summary Report:
– Password Statistics as Locked, Disabled, Expired, or if thepassword is older than 180 days. Audit Summary
– Number of Accounts cracked and the number of Domains audited.

Foreign Password Cracking:
– L0phtCrack 6 supports foreign character sets for Brute Force, aswell as foreign dictionary files. Pull down menus change forlanguage and character set. L0phtCrack 6 ships with several foreigndictionaries.

Installer Size: 70 + 75 MB

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