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Faronics WINSelect Enterprise v8.10.2100.819 Crack


Software Description: Faronics WINSelect Enterprise v8.10.2100.819 + Crack

Sometimes end users can get into trouble unintentionallycreating more IT support tickets. Trying to implement acceptableuse policies can be practically impossible and that’s where thedanger lies. But here’s an easy solution. FaronicsWINSelect helps you to lockdown computers easilyand quickly. It’s a synch to create the right settings for yourenterprise. Now you can control everything from web browsingrestrictions, Microsoft Office functionality, and even set timingrestrictions.
When you’re working in a public access environment, it’s reallyhandy to be able to restrict saving, printing, and whichapplications can run. Faronics WINSelect even let’s you createsession timers so that everyone gets a turn. It also let’s yourestrict control panels, desktop icons, and even the start buttonfunctionality. And when it comes to safeguarding trustedinformation and customer lists, you can disable USB ports and diskdrives to stop information from walking out the door.
It’s great for kiosk environments too where you can automaticallylaunch specified applications upon start-up and restrict everythingelse. The best part is that it’s just one click! With FaronicsWINSelect you can eliminate those pesky troubleshooting emergenciesto fix machines gone awry. This helps you to look like an ITsuperstar because machines are always available and working asintended, while you can reclaim your time and focus on otherstrategic projects.

Here are some key features of “WINSelect”:
– Kiosk options help you control public access machines with justone click. WINSelect allows you to automatically launch specifiedapplications right at the start-up. You can also block access tospecific menu items, as well as access to specific applicationsthat you don’t want people using. And it’s all done with the clickof a mouse. How’s that for simple?
– Restrict settings for opening, saving, printing, and even timers.In public access environments, you can easily keep machines free ofpersonal data, while controlling what information comes in or outby disabling USB and disk drives. And built-in session timers helpyou ensure that everyone gets a turn.
– Browser restrictions allow you to control what users can do onthe Web. You can disable features within Internet Explore andMozilla Firefox. You can also freeze the homepage and preventchanges. Or you can create a list of allowed or restricted websitesto ensure end users are using the computers for the intendedpurpose.
– Enterprise-level control is easy using the built-in Faronics CoreConsole. It makes it easy to deploy, configure and manage WINSelectacross your network. You can schedule and execute tasks usinggroups and even apply configuration changes when workstations arepowered off. You can even schedule WINSelect restriction times andlevels to meet the demands of your unique environment.

Installer Size: 128.96 MB

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