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ESET NOD32 Antivirus + Internet Security v11.1.54.0 x86/x64 /ESET NOD32 Smart Security v.10.x Trial Version Crack


Software Description: ESET NOD32 Antivirus + Internet Security v11.1.42.0 x86/x64 /ESET NOD32 Smart Security v.10.x Trial Version Crack Serial

ESET is designed to be complete solution in thefield of computer protection against infiltrations and attacks.ESET products offers more than just a sum of its parts it issynergy that matters most. If all components are usedsimultaneously, the effectiveness of the whole program ismultiplied. ESET products unifies all its functions to create acomplex security solution.

Setup customization and clear-cut UI
During installation it is possible to either enable or disabledetection of PUPs (potentially unwanted applications), modify proxysettings and set the course of action for updating programcomponents and restarting ESET right afterward.

ESET includes a personal firewall to replace Windows Firewall andit can be set to automatic, interactive, policy-based or learningmode. Users may password-protect the configuration settings in thecase the computer is shared with others.

Opting for a clean interface with a well-organized structure, ESETESET shouldn’t be difficult to navigate, regardless of the user’sprevious experience with av tools. Its rich and advancedcustomization set is another matter, however.

Malware protection through different scanmethods
Smart Scan runs ESET’s predefined configuration to search onlypopular system locations for malware, Custom Scan gives users thepossibility to configure scan areas and settings, while RemovableMedia Scan only checks removable storage devices like USB disks andDVDs. In order to run a complete scan, it is necessary to pick theentire PC when tinkering with the custom mode behavior.

Scanner configuration and other settings
As far as scanning configuration is concerned, users may pick anin-depth, contextual menu or Smart scan, as well as set the scannerto only detect infected files without removing them. Advancedsettings may be altered when it comes to the scan objects(operating memory, boot sectors, emails, archives andself-extracting archives, runtime packers), heuristics and Smartsignatures, cleaning level, file extensions, size limits, alternatedata streams, logging, Smart optimization, and background scanning.Settings may be restored to default.

Additional options can be configured for the real-time guard, HIPS,gamer mode, anti-stealth protection, web access, email client, andanti-phishing.

The highlights in ESET
Compared to NOD32 Antivirus, ESET features a personal firewall,anti-spam module to filter suspicious or unwanted emails,anti-theft for notebooks (requires registration, free), along witha parental control module to restrict children’s access on the PC.Each of these components can be configured as well as deactivatedand re-enabled with one click.

Performance and conclusion
ESET is known to bring very good results when it comes to virusdetection ratio, scanning speed and resources usage. ESET lives upto its name, providing users with various layers of securityagainst e-threats while navigating the web or granting PC access toother users. Those who haven’t gotten the chance to test it arewelcomed to try the av utility for themselves.

Installer Size: 88 + 94 + 88 + 94 + 122 + 128 MB

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