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Dr.Web Anti-virus v11.0.1.2030 Crack


Software Description: Dr.Web Anti-virus v11.0.1.2030 Crack Serial

Dr.Web is not anti-virus only!
Dr.Web is not just an Anti-virus product, It has the ability to gobeyond other products on the market by being able to detect, cureand or delete malicious programs such as, but not limited too:
Mass-mailing worms, E-mail viruses, File viruses, Trojans, Stealthviruses, Polymorphic viruses, Bodiless viruses, Macro viruses, MSOffice viruses, Script viruses, Spyware, Password stealers,Keyloggers, Paid Dialers, Adware, Riskware, Hacktools, Backdoo
Dr.Web CURES computers!

Only Dr.Web can be installed on the already infected machine andcan cure infected system without additional utilities. There is anoption of updating Dr.Web virus databases before the installation,which takes just a few seconds and provides you in the end with thehottest adds-on to the virus database.
Dr.Web offers the most frequent updates of virus databases!
Updates to Dr.Web virus database are released as soon as newentries are added – up to several times per hour. “Hot” add-ons arereleased as soon as new threat is caught and analyzed. Dr.Webglobal monitoring network collects samples of new viruses from allover the world.
Dr.Web has the most compact virus database!
This spares users’ time and computers’ resources, users scanquicker, and updates are downloaded instantaneously. Just one entryin it detects tens, or hundreds and even thousands of similarviruses.
Dr.Web is resource-friendly!
Dr.Web spares computer resources and is fully compatible withMicrosoft Windows, from Windows 95 OSR2 to Windows XP Professional.The distribution of Dr.Web is the smallest of all leadinganti-viruses around 9MB, just 12-15 MB of free space is requiredafter installation! Dr.Web saves and never overloads computers,which makes it indispensable in outdated computers of oldergenerations. Or maybe you have a notebook? Then Dr.Web is the bestchoice for you!
Dr.Web is user friendly!
Dr.Web is very simple to install. And does not require additionaltuning, offering users a comprehensive anti-virus protection fromthe first second it is installed. “Install and forget” this isabout Dr.Web Anti-virus! Dr.Web virus database is updatedautomatically every time a user connects to the Internet.
Dr.Web is the best protection for your e-mail!
An infected mail message will never penetrate a computer as Dr.Webmail monitor scans e-mails before they are delivered into a user’smail box, checking all e-mail components: its body, attachments,zipped files, etc.

Here are some key features of “Dr.Web”:
– Computer resources-friendly, ideal for notebooks
– Can be installed on the already infected machine and can cleanthe infected system
– On-the-fly verification of incoming and outgoing e-mails viaPOP3, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP
– Protects against spyware, adware, riskware, hacker tools, paydialers
– Very frequent updates of virus database, up to several times perhour!

Installer Size: 219.27 MB

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