Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Devolutions Server Platinum v4.7.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Devolutions Server Platinum v5.0.0.0 + Full Crack

Devolutions Server is an on‑premise repositoryfor storing and sharing information across your wholeorganization.  Manage remote connections, credentials, andsensitive information with ease.
Use our Role Based Security System to grant permissions in agranular fashion. Advanced logging of all user activity is includedto offer visibility in all aspects of the solution.
Because of its Web Architecture, you can offer it only from yourintranet, or even publish it on the Internet.

There are two ways of using Devolutions Server:
1- Web-based vault
Web browser access and Devolutions Web Login
Access vaulted resources from a web browser using a Client AccessLicense (CAL). Credentials are managed directly from the webinterface and no client application is required.
With the Devolutions Web Login browser extension, credentials canbe automatically submitted when connecting to a website.
Remote access technologies (RDP, VNC, etc) are not supported withina web browser.

2- Password vault and session management
Using a client application (desktop or mobile)

Access vaulted resources using our client applications whichcommunicate with Devolutions Server web services. A localinstallation of a client application such as Remote Desktop Manageris required to manage the data source and its resources. Note thatwe offer Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS editions.
Use any type of entry, manage all aspects of the data source andmonitor user activity, all in the same application.
Unlike with web browser access, Remote Desktop Manager can launchsessions using remote access technologies.

– High-End Server
Installed on-premise on an application server. Store entries in anunlimited number of repositories and manage access to these entrieswith our Role Based Security System

– Full Active Directory (AD) Integration
Users accessing the system will be granted permissions based ontheir membership in specific AD groups, making user managementalmost seamless for organizations that use AD to manage teams.
– Web Architecture
Implemented using a Web architecture so it can exposed publicly onthe Internet or only to your Intranet or private cloud.
– Two-Factor Authentication
Widest choice of Two-factor authentication (2FA) providers. Manyproviders can be enabled concurrently. They can selectively beenforced per user.
– Email Notifications
Optionally receive email notifications for various events onsessions, users, roles, etc.

– IP Restrictions
Controlling access to Devolutions Server from IP addresses /ranges, including GeoIP restriction and IP whitelisting /blacklisting

Installer Size: 23.3 MB

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