Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Avira AntiVirus 2017 Pro v15.0.34.23 + System SpeedUp v2.7.0.3165 Crack


Software Description: Avira AntiVirus 2017 Pro v15.0.33.24 + System SpeedUp v2.7.0.3165 Cracked

Avira Antivirus Pro represents the next stepfrom Avira’s freebie. It features extra security components to makesure the computer will not get infected with malicious files whilenavigating the web, whether they are viruses, Trojans, worms,spyware, adware or other dangerous agents.

Fast installation with configurationsettings
Setting up Avira Antivirus Pro is a speedy task. All components areincluded by the default, and any of them can be excluded. Animportant factor worth mentioning is that before proceeding, Avirascans the entire computer for existing av solutions, in order toprevent any software conflicts that would probably lead to Windowsstability issues.

Clean and intuitive interface
Avira preserves a user-friendly interface with simple, yet elegantlines where options are not cluttered. All main components can beactivated and deactivated with one click, and each one of themcomes with own configuration set.

Various scan methods and thoroughcustomization
Avira is able to look into the entire computer, selected drives,removable devices only, network locations, check only for rookitsand active malware, and so on. It features a comprehensive list ofconfigurable settings which mainly addresses experienced users(novices shouldn’t worry, since the default configuration does itsjob very well). These revolve around cloud assistance, registry andscanner priority, the quarantine’s behavior, automatic actions onthreat detections, exceptions, archive scanning or exclusion, andso on.

Evaluation and conclusion
Avira Antivirus Pro provides very good performance ratings when itcomes to malware detection ratio, overall scan speed and resourcesconsumption, gaining a top position in the antivirus softwarecommunity. Its extra levels of safety are powerful additions, andthey should satisfy the preferences of most users.

Installer Size: 277.5+ 13 MB

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