Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
AVG Remover for Win32/Virut v1.2.0.873 Crack


Software Description: AVG Remover for Win32/Virut v1.2.0.873 + Activation Crack

Win32/Virut is a rather popular infection that targets EXE andSCR (screensaver) files. Its behavior includes connecting to an IRCserver and permitting attackers to run all kinds of files on theaffected machine.
Indicatives of the Win32/Virut infection are significant increasesin file size, failure during file execution (with a recent modifieddate in the File Properties dialog) and noticeable network trafficon port 65520 between your computer and a dangerous IRC server(

Although not considered a highly dangerous infection, it cancause discomfort, as some of the infected files may be damagedbeyond repair. Removing it is possible via a number of cleaners andAVG’s Win32/Virut Remover is one of them.

AVG’s Win32/Virut Remover is a malware cleanerapplication that scans, detects and erases all traces of theWin32/Virut virus. It’s a program that complements securitysoftware, but does not replace antivirus utilities.

Installer Size: 3.21 MB

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