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WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET v11.100 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET v10.125 x86/x64 Keygen Crack

ABCpdf is simple yet powerful. It’s designed soyou can get up to speed quickly, yet not limit you, should you needprecise, low level control over how your PDFs are generated.
ABCpdf isa simple yet powerful PDF library for the Microsoft .NET Framework.It’s designed so you can get up to speed and productive within tenminutes. Yet if you want fine low-level control you can have thattoo with ABCpdf. BCpdf is designed to be powerful. If you knowabout PDF you can use ABCpdf to access and manipulate virtually anyaspect of your PDF documents.
ABCpdf .NET extends the same great power and speed you get fromABCpdf to the .NET platform. More about ABCpdf standardfeatures…
ABCpdf .NET is compatible with ABCpdf for ASP. It incorporates allthe ABCpdf features in a package practically identical to theoriginal. So if you’ve been using ABCpdf under .NET it’s easy tomigrate to ABCpdf .NET.

When we say practically identical we really mean practicallyidentical. We changed the name of the Image object to XImage toavoid conflicts with the .NET drawing objects. That’s it!

ABCpdf .NET adds extra features to allow simple interaction withthe .NET environment using standard .NET structures and classes. Ifyou want to mix and match .NET drawing classes with ABCpdf .NET youcan now do this simply and easily.

We haven’t made any compromises when it comes to speed either.ABCpdf .NET contains two components – a blazingly fast core engineand a lightweight .NET middle tier.

The core engine incorporates our proprietary Direct to PDFtechnology designed for high performance PDF manipulation in amultithreaded environment. The .NET tier comprises the visibleinterface and less speed critical code. When the assembly is loadedit locates and loads the core engine establishing a direct linkbetween the two components.

Note that this architecture is fundamentally different from the COMcallable wrappers you often see. The interface between the twocomponents is a direct connection designed for maximum speed underall conditions and specifically avoids the .NET to COM wrappers forthis very reason.

We’ve updated the documentation and all our examples have beentranslated into both C# and VB.NET so that no matter your languageof choice, there’s always an example waiting.
ABCpdf supports a vast range of image formats including JPEG, GIF,TIFF, BMP, PNG, EXIF, WMF and EMF. It supports multiple frames soyou can convert multi-page CCITT or Group 4 Fax TIFFs to PDFdocuments.

You can either reference fonts, keeping your PDF documentslightweight for distribution on the web. Or for guaranteed fidelityof reproduction you can subset and embed fonts into your PDFs.
There are lots of text settings to allow you precise control overthe way that your text is displayed and laid out. Paragraph indent,kerning and tracking, word spacing, line spacing, paragraph spacingand horizontal justification are just some of the settings you cancontrol. And of course it’s fully Unicode compliant.
ABCpdf supports HTML and HTML styled text. Import HTML from localor remote web sites. HTML styled text allows easy creation andlayout of multi-styled text. Create encrypted PDFs for securestorage of PDF documents. Use eForm placeholder fields in yourtemplate documents to position and lay out dynamically createdelements.

Installer Size: 70.6 + 70.8 MB

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