Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v10.5.2 x64 / v10.4.0 x86 Crack


Software Description: Tableau Desktop v9.3 x86/64 Full Crack

Tableau Desktop is a famous and very powerfuldata analysis & visualization leader. In addition toprofessional technology, more importantly, it’s a foolproof toolthat can make externalization and visualization process to complexdata, so that ordinary users are able to easily show their complexdata in hand in a professional way with all sorts of graphs.

As a very fast, user-friendly and self-service data analyzing &processing tool that everybody can use, Tableau Desktop is based onbreakthrough technologies, which can convert database queries todata charts to cater to human talent for observing graphicpatterns. This enables users to identify some trends of data in avisual way in seconds. In particular, the whole process does notrequire any wizards or scripts. You can directly connect to yourdata and perform real-time queries and analysis, without having towrite any code. This definitely maximizes the potential of any datawarehouse.

Besides, you are also allowed to connect multiple different datasources to the super fast data engine of Tableau Desktop at thesame time, in order to give full play to the performance of itsground-breaking internal architecture of memory. Plus, in TableauDesktop, we can integrate multiple views in one interactivedashboard, and reveal the complicated relationships between them byhighlighting and data filtering. In a word, the purpose of usingTableau Desktop is to make use of data to drive decisions

Here are some key features of “TableauDesktop”:
– Visual analysis in a click
– Deep statistics
– Metadata management
– Data engine
– Get actionable insights fast
– Connect to more data
– Answer deeper questions
– Put your data on the map
– Let everyone in on it
– Big data, live or in-memory
– Designing for a mobile-first world
– Sharing and collaborating securely
– Always innovating

Installer Size: 232 + 178 MB

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