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SDL Trados Studio 2017 Professional v14.0.5746.0 Crack


Software Description: SDL Trados Studio 2017 Professional v14.0.5746.0 Keygen Crack

SDL Trados Studio, the Computer AssistedTranslation (CAT) tool used by over 250,000 translationprofessionals, provides a range of sophisticated features to helpyou complete projects more quickly and easily.
Translation memory (TM) is at the heart of SDL Trados Studio andworks by recycling previously translated content so that you cancomplete translations projects more quickly while maintaining highquality.
Deliver projects faster with innovative features, like AutoSuggestfor predictive typing and AdaptiveMT our high quality,self-learning machine translation, delivered securely via SDLLanguage Cloud Machine Translation.

Translate in a comprehensive selection of language options,including all language combinations supported by Microsoft Windows8.1–10. Work with any file type – from Microsoft Word to AdobeInDesign – and receive jobs from anyone.
Accelerate your translation projects thanks to maximum reuse ofprevious work through powerful translation memory and upLIFTtechnology. Enhance functionality by using the SDL AppStore todownload apps.

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Professional is a complete translationenvironment for server and desktop.
– It combines powerful translation memory technology with the firstself-learning machine translation engine fully integrated in a CATtool.
– Terminology management is more streamlined and easier to use withSDL MultiTerm 2017.

Studio 2017 is designed to be scalable for your business and hasquality and security features you can trust to ensure you deliverthe best quality translations, in the fastest time and at the bestcost for your clients.

Improve your translation productivity
Translation memory software is at the core of Studio 2017. Itincludes innovative upLIFT technology, which provides moreaccurate, intelligent fragment matches and will repair fuzzymatches using your trusted sources to speed up translating.

In addition, you can now access transformational machinetranslation (MT) with AdaptiveMT, powered by the secure SDLLanguage Cloud. AdaptiveMT engines intelligently self-learn frompost-edits during the translation process so that MT output isspecific to your business’s style, content and terminology.

Enhance your output quality
Quality can be monitored and controlled in Studio 2017 Professionalby combining the use of your usual quality standards, together withStudio’s automatic Quality Assurance features and TranslationQuality Assessment (TQA), to measure and score the quality of yourtranslations and your translation suppliers.

Use the Alignment feature to align previously translated targettexts with their corresponding source text and import them intoyour translation memory for future use. In addition, the Retrofitfeature captures any post-translation changes made to the finaltarget text, so they can be added to your translation memory tomaintain quality.

Key features
upLIFT Fragment Recall
upLIFT Fragment Recall offers fragment suggestions directly fromyour translation memory in real time, when you have no full orfuzzy TM match. Limited functionality in Asian languages.

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair
upLIFT Fuzzy Repair uses matches from all your trusted projectresources, such as translation memories, termbases and machinetranslation, to automatically repair fuzzy matches. Limitedfunctionality in Asian languages.

AdaptiveMT, powered by Language Cloud, learns from your post-editsso that machine translation is specific to your tone, terminologyand style. Edit and save MT suggestions to adapt your MT output inreal time and see the learning in future results. Currentlyavailable for translating from English to French, Italian, Dutch,German and Spanish, more language options will follow.

Merge segments
Studio 2017 allows you to merge segments, even those separated byhard returns.

Advanced display filters
You can now apply multiple display filters and even save your owncustom filters in Studio 2017.

File Type Filter Preview
In Studio 2017 it is now possible to preview documents using customor in-built file filters directly from the File Types window –saving time when testing your file types.

Drag and drop
Drag and drop files for translation and review onto your Studio2017 home screen to start working straight away. This featurerequires Internet Explorer version 10 and above, to be enabled.

Right click to start
Another way to start translating in Studio is to right click on asingle or multiple files from your desktop or from WindowsExplorer.

Language pairs
Studio 2017 will remember recently used languages and present thesenext time you start Studio and allows you to reverse the languagepair direction with a simple click.

Directly update TMs from your target file – whatever the file type.Save time and minimize errors caused by manual updates!

AutoSuggest 2.0
AutoSuggest offers words and phrases in the target language fromyour TMs – including concordance search results, upLIFT FragmentRecall matches and fuzzy matches – as well as from other resourcessuch as, machine translation and termbases.

Now available for Japanese, Chinese and Korean!

Get even more from your TMs – reverse language direction, addlanguage flavour or combine a variety of source languages totranslate into one single file.

Faster and error-free typing thanks to automatic correction ofmisspelled words – just like in Microsoft Word!

Enhanced new file format support, including scanned PDFs!

We provide the most extensive file format support available. Nowwork with even more file types including scanned PDF documents andbilingual Excel files!

SDL AppStore
Customize your Studio and extend its functionality further withapps from SDL AppStore, the industry’s first app store!

Integrated terminology management
Integration with SDL MultiTerm to ensure terminology accuracy. Newin Studio 2017 is a more intuitive terminology UI, for quick andeasy addition and update of terms.

QuickPlace for maximized efficiency
Quickly insert formatting, tags, placeables and numbers into atarget segment.

Real-time preview
Easily generate a document preview to see the status of yourtranslation as you type.

Allows any number of files to be quickly merged together into asingle file. Possible at any stage during the translationprocess.

Open project packages instantly
Open and work with project packages to include files, such astranslation memories and termbases.

Connect to machine translation
Instant access to machine translation (MT) engines, including SDLLanguage Cloud MT, from a secure and reliable environment.

Insert symbols & special characters
Save time by quickly inserting your most used special charactersand symbols directly from the Studio ribbon.

Edit source segments
Fix any minor errors to the source text in Microsoft® Word andPowerPoint files.

Drag-and-drop files in to the Editor
Drag-and-drop files directly from your computer desktop into theeditor environment.

Context Match
Provides “beyond 100%” matches by recognizing location and contextto deliver the best translation.

Bookmark your translations
Just like with web pages! Mark up a segment and easily access itnext time – increase efficiency!

Automatic Concordance Search
Offers relevant translation suggestions for words or groups ofwords based on existing results from within the translationmemory.

Automated project preparation
Automatically prepare project files, with a customizable projectwizard that takes care of the most repetitive tasks.

Powerful document alignment
Create translation memories from previously translated documents.Review and editing functionality is also available.

Use bilingual files as an additional source of approvedtranslation.

Translation Quality Assessment
Measure and score the quality of translations and translationsuppliers for improved consistency and objectivity.

Track Changes
Easily accept or decline changes within a translated document -this works in a similar way to Microsoft® Word Track Changes.

Integrated terminology management
Integration with SDL MultiTerm to ensure terminology accuracy.

Microsoft Word spell checking
Choose between Hunspell or Microsoft® Word dictionaries.

Review outside of Studio
Review can be performed in Microsoft® Word. Comments and changescan be imported back into Studio after review.

Word counts, analysis and reports are automatically created andstored to help with project planning and budgeting.

Enhanced Quality Assurance Checker
Highlight potential errors including punctuation, terminology andinconsistencies.

Ribbon personalization
Create your own Studio ribbon tabs across all views so only thetools needed are visible and grouped into relevant areas forparticular tasks (e.g. translation or review).

SDL AppStore
Customize your Studio and extend its functionality further withapps from SDL AppStore, the industry’s first app store!

Installer Size: 342 MB

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