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PopChar Win v7.4 Build 2679 Crack


Software Description: PopChar Win v8.1 Build 2817 + Activation Crack

PopChar is an invaluable utility applicationthat lets you insert special characters, accented and foreignletters etc. from all installed fonts into your documents.

PopChar allows you to insert special characters, foreign lettersand more. You never need to search for or remember complexkeystrokes again! Just pop up the PopChar window, click the desiredcharacter, and the character is inserted into your currentdocument.

PopChar is the Windows sibling of the famous PopChar utility,which has been available on the Macintosh for many years. Now youcan enjoy the ease of use of these award-wining Macintosh utilitieson the Windows platforms. If a font contains Unicode characters,you can check “Unicode” in the Settings menu to see all of them,neatly arranged in the standard Unicode categories.

Here are some key features of “PopChar”:
– Inserts special characters right into your document – just clickand select
– Search for characters by name as quickly as you type. Forexample, show all variations of the letter “E”, all “numbers”, all”arrows”, etc.
– Recent characters view for instant access to your frequently usedcharacters
– Flexible user interface to satisfy the individual needs ofdifferent users
– Displays the keystrokes needed to create selected characters
– Displays all characters of all fonts available on yourcomputer
– Automatically detects the current font in many popularapplications (including Word, Excel, Illustrator, PageMaker)
– Optimized Font menu that contains only the most recently usedfonts, giving quick access to the required font, even with hundredsof fonts installed
– Full Unicode support with different comfortable views and pop-upmenu for quick navigation among groups of characters
– Various insertion Modes: Insert characters as plain or formattedtext
– Magnifier tool providing an enlarged view to see all details ofcharacters including their position relative to the baseline
– Inserts HTML symbols
– Finds all fonts that contain a given character
– Lets you define favorite fonts and favorite characters
– Hot key activation
– Automatically starts at login

Installer Size: 4.21 MB

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