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MindGenius Business v7.0.1.6899 Crack


Software Description: MindGenius Business v6.0.4.6654 Crack Serial

MindGenius is business mind mapping softwarethat helps you capture, visualize and manage your ideas andinformation. The visual layout of information enables projects andtasks to be scoped and agreed effectively. MindGenius is a mindmapping software application designed for business users who needto increase personal, team and organisational effectiveness.

Integrating with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Project,MindGenius enhances and complements the productivity tools that youuse every day.

Individual Effectiveness:
MindGenius is the tool you use to organise your work, projects andideas. It is the application of choice for professionals when theyneed to gain clarity, think something through, gather ideas, scopea project or bring a complex subject into focus.

Like other mind mapping tools, MindGenius is perfect forvisualising interconnected ideas and topics. But it goes muchfurther via integration with the other productivity and projectmanagement tools that you use every day, and also via the richanalysis capability that allows you to reorganise and represent theinformation in multiple ways.

– Organise information and scope projects
– Stay focused and move faster during the creative process
– Build and display competence and confidence, for example inpresenting or sharing complex information with colleagues orcustomers
– Improve your speed, productivity and performance at work

Team Effectiveness:
As with individual productivity, MindGenius channels the energiesof a team of colleagues and drives focus, collaboration,understanding, efficiency and effectiveness.

MindGenius lets you hold better, faster meetings because theinformation you discuss will become structured and understood morerapidly. Teams need to scope projects, brainstorm ideas, andstructure, share and present information: mind mapping is the idealproductivity method for such activities and MindGenius is the bestapplication for a business environment because it integrates withMicrosoft Office, Outlook and Project.
Teams that use MindGenius move quickly, innovate, create andsucceed.

Effective Organisations:
MindGenius is an enterprise grade software product with cloudcapabilities, advanced interoperability with Microsoft Office,Outlook and Project, an intuitive Microsoft user experience,advanced analytical, reporting and project management capabilities,and a variety of unique features designed with the business user inmind.

MindGenius makes organisations more productive because it deliversimproved working processes, interoperability and communicationsbenefits.

Some of these benefits include:
– Elimination of bottlenecks in work, communications andprojects
– Improved collaboration and task management within teams
– Better communications between teams and organisations

Installer Size: 93.6 MB

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