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jAlbum v15.2 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: jAlbum v15.2 x86/x64 Full Crack

Create online photo albums from your images and videos with thissoftware. jAlbum has built-in support fororganizing and editing images, but with focus on flexiblepresentation. Choose from tons of powerful skins (themes), orcreate your own skin to get the gallery presentation you want, thenupload it to any site with jAlbum’s built in FTP support. jAlbum isa powerful, yet easy to use tool that is liked by photographyenthusiasts and professionals over the world!

Create beautiful web albums
Use the powerful jAlbum software to create professional onlinephoto albums for any website. Choose from hundreds of album skinsand customize to your own personal touch. With one button clickjAlbum will batch process your images, scale them for the web andcreate web pages for you.

Easy to use
You’ll be instantly familiar with jAlbum’s explorer-like userinterface. Use drag-and drop to add new photos and videos. Createfolders to better organize your album. Use the right-click menu(context menu) to access the most frequently used functions, likesorting, rotating, editing or choosing as folder thumbnail. Addcaptions right below the thumbnails.

Upload to any site
You can upload your albums to any place on the internet: to yourown site or blog. You can even share an album straight from yourhard disk. If you don’t own a site, use jalbum.net – our communitysite – which is specialized on storing, sharing and showcasingalbums in a spectacular way.

Supports huge image volumes
jAlbum is optimized to handle huge image volumes and can use yourcurrent folder structure. This means you can update your web albumswith more images or new features in no time at all. An averagejAlbum gallery has 70 images and it is not uncommon to findgalleries with 10.000 to 100.000 images presented in an organizedportfolio site created with just a few clicks.

Powerful file organizer
Are your images laying around in a mess on various disks and memorycards? jAlbum quickly and easily organizes them into clear foldertrees based on camera date (year, month etc), name or place (GPSlocation). Duplicates are handled and jAlbum provides multi levelundo/redo so you can play around.

With jAlbum there is minimal lock-in. jAlbum is a cross platformdesktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux. As such it doesn’trely on central cloud services. It works within your existingfolder structure (you know where your files are) and uses Adobe’sopen standard for handling metadata like captions, ratings andkeywords (xmp). This means it integrates well with Photoshop,Lightroom and Bridge, and your valuable metadata is kept withinyour image files. jAlbum’s configuration files are plain text andXML and most skins are open source that you can modify to yourliking. It’s easy to start using jAlbum and it’s easy to stop usingjAlbum.

Supports video
jAlbum is not just about presenting images, it’s just as good athandling videos. jAlbum converts over 160 different video formatsto mp4, a format suitable for web presentation over a range ofbrowsers and devices. Just drag and drop to create stunning videoalbums!

Customize with skins
Skins are plugins to jAlbum which determine the layout and featureset of the generated albums. Some skins are simple and easy tomodify, while others have advanced features, like Google mapsintegration, video playback or shopping cart integration to name afew. jAlbum comes bundled with about 10 skins and you can installhundreds of new ones from our skins section.

Edit images
In Edit mode you’re able to view your photos in larger size, addcaptions and apply various filters. Adjust your images with theCrop and Straighten tool, fine tune with Gamma and Level or applyvarious artistic filters. You can even add text to your images,e.g. for the purpose of watermarking. Note, your originals will benever touched, only the downscaled version in the final album.

Image sales support
With jAlbum it’s truly easy to sell your images (or the items theyshow). It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an album that isfitted with a shopping cart (supported by some skins only). Youdecide the pricing and products to sell.

Protects your images
jAlbum offers a range of methods to help protect your images:Images can be watermarked and have your logo stamped onto them inbatch. You can have copyright notices added to the metadata of yourimages. Images can be scaled to “suitable for web only” sizes andthe use of the right mouse button to save images can be disabled onbrowers that respect that hint (supported by some skins only).

Create full websites
Create fully customizable, professional web photo sites completewith “about” and “contact” pages, shopping cart, social integrationand map support.

Collaborative albums
Managing albums where several people contribute with images iseasy. We give you an email address in the format[email protected] This email address can be attached to one ormany collaborative album projects. Images mailed to such addressesappear automatically in the respective album project and yourcontributors

Installer Size: 107 + 97.7 MB

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