Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
FRSProductMgr v3.5.6 Crack


Software Description: FRSProductMgr v3.5.6 + Crack

FRSProductMgr was designed for the smallbusiness person who wants to manage his or her inventory, trackcustomer sales, and, optionally, manage the company’s products onits web site. However, due to its flexibility, FRSProductMgr can beused to track almost any manner of data, whether for commercial orprivate purposes.

The ability to maintain data is something a software applicationsuch as a spreadsheet or a database can do. What FRSProductMgrexcels at is the ability to provide a very flexible display of thatdata, and to generate web pages from that data. So, if you are usedto using one of the popular office suite spreadsheet or databaseapplications, you will marvel at the way you can customizeFRSProductMgr.

Here are some key features of “FRSProductMgr”:
– Track any kind of data you want.
– You can easily re-arrange, modify, add, or remove data columns,to fit your specific needs.
– Track any number of photos for products.
– Viewing your data with different reports is easy to do.
– Using HTML template files you or your webmaster maintains, youcan easily generate web pages for your web site or Intranet.
– Any number of “stores” * can be maintained.
– Manage your store’s orders and employee data.
– Your data file can be uploaded securely to your web hostingserver, providing “Cloud” back-up.

Installer Size: 2.3+ 2.6 MB

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