Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
doPDF v9.2 Build 237 Crack


Software Description: doPDF v9.1 Build 232 Full Crack

doPDF is a software tool that can convert anyprintable document to a PDF file, whether it’s a text file, imageor other. It doesn’t have any advanced features, so it has beendesigned for a simple conversion process.

Tweaks during the installation process
You may opt for installing this application as an add-in forMicrosoft Office or disable this option and work with the utilityas a virtual printer.

How it works
Once installed, the small tool can be accessed by hitting the”Print” button in any program that can supports file printing. Ithas a simple interface with simple-to-use commands.

Several configuration settings to play with
In “Properties,” you can select page size as predefined (e.g. A4,Letter) or custom (by manually setting its height and width),choose the unit type (millimeters, inches, points), configuregraphic details (resolution and scale) and set orientation(portrait, landscape).

Then you can set the output name and destination, select “Smallfile” or “High quality images” and optionally enable doPDF toalways use the current output folder, open PDF in reader or embedfonts.

The program barely uses system resources, doesn’t seem to make anymodifications on the Windows registry entries and we haven’texperienced any problems during our tests. It doesn’t come with anyguidelines, but that’s because it is so simple to use, by bothbeginners and experts.

Bottom line
We strongly recommend doPDF for a simple conversion of anyprintable documents to standard PDF files. It can be easilyinstalled and configured by all types of users, regardless of theirexperience level.

Installer Size: 58.3 MB

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