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aSc TimeTables v2017.6.10 Crack


Software Description: aSc TimeTables v2018.3.4 Full Crack

aSc TimeTables is a Windows utility builtspecifically for helping you design professional school timetablesthat can be customized in terms of subjects, classes, classrooms,teachers, and lessons.

User-friendly layout
Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, the GUI isclean and straightforward. Plus, rookies are offered step-by-stepassistance for creating a timetable from scratch.

Create a new timetable
A new timetable can be shaped by giving details about the school(name, academic year, registration name), and specifying the numberof days, periods per day and bell times. What’s more, you candesign a multi-week timetable that is different for each week orterm.

Furthermore, you can add subjects by entering the title and shortdescription, picking the color, and assigning subjects fordifferent classrooms, as well as providing information aboutlessons (teacher, subjects, class), and insert additionalconstraints for homework preparation time, the length for teacher’scontract and maximum number of students for a lesson.

Add general info and carry out tests
aSc TimeTables offers users the possibility to give informationabout classes, classrooms, and teachers, and perform tests to checkfor possible errors in the timetables.

Exporting options
Plus, the application allows you to print the generated timetables,import the information from the Clipboard or XML file format, aswell as export it to HTML, XML, or other formats compatible withmobile devices, as well as send the timetable by email with yourdefault client.
Manage seminars and generate statistics
Last but not least, you can arrange students in seminar groups,specify the maximum number of students for certain seminar lessons,view statistics about the total number of teachers, classes, cards,and windows, perform searches throughout the entire database, aswell as change the background color of the timetable.

An overall efficient timetable creator
All things considered, aSc TimeTables provides an intuitive workingenvironment and comes packed with many useful features for helpingyou design timetables.

Installer Size: 18.6 MB

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