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Adobe FrameMaker 2015 v13.0.5.547 + XML Author + Publishing Server 2015 v13.0.2 Crack


Software Description: Adobe FrameMaker 2017 v14.0.2 Crack

Adobe FrameMaker software is a powerfulauthoring and publishing solution for technical communicators. Takeadvantage of an intuitive user interface, unified workflows, and atemplate-based authoring environment to simplify content deliveryand conform to organizational requirements for consistency andbranding. It is a template-based authoring and publishing solutionfor unstructured, structured and XML/DITA content. Easily authorcontent with an enhanced user interface and standards-complianttools, collaborate and review with out-of-the-box contentmanagement system (CMS) integration, and automatically schedule andpublish via Adobe FrameMaker Server software to multiple channelssuch as PDF, HTML, WebHelp, Adobe Air, Adobe FlashHelp, and OracleHelp.

New, intuitive user interface
Work more efficiently thanks to a completely redesigned userexperience. Use floating toolbars and control bars, dock your mostfrequently used dialog boxes for quick access, and createworkspaces customized to your workflow.

Fully integrated authoring environment
Create, edit, and publish technical content with powerful featuresfor automatic numbering, cross-referencing, creating tables ofcontents, indexes, books, and more. Automate formatting viatemplates, and easily integrate tables, graphs, and images.

Powerful, scalable single sourcing
Effortlessly single source variations of the same document fordifferent channels and purposes. Build and use complex Booleanexpressions to define output filters in topic-based, structured,and unstructured modes.

Filtering by attribute
Take advantage ofsupport for multivalued attributes and the ability to importexpressions from one document to another.

Automation through scripting
Easily automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks through advancedscripting support with Adobe ExtendScript. Run scripts for simpletasks from within Adobe FrameMaker or through the ExtendScriptToolkit to eliminate manual effort and increase productivity.

Formats and format overrides
Manage formats for paragraphs, characters, and tables from theexisting catalog or create custom lists to be displayed. You canalso create new formats and delete or override those that areunused or not useful.

Enhanced attribute editor
Define and edit attributes for declarations in markup to performmultiple functions: record the status of content within elements,allow cross-referencing between elements, or specify how to formatan element.

Enhanced tag view
Easily view all elements in a collapsible format, even in documentview; hide or collapse parent and child elements individually orsimultaneously; and search through and open elements, includingthose that are collapsed.

Text drag and drop and background color
Drag text, elements, and rows and columns from tables and drop theminto new documents or applications to save time. Use the BackgroundColor feature to emphasize and highlight important sections of textby adding color to the background, whether for sections of text orparagraphs.

Enhanced importing of comments from PDF files
Import comments with type highlights retained from PDF files intoAdobe FrameMaker 10 with the Text Background Color feature.

Rich media object incorporation
Create compelling online content by incorporating 3D models, richAdobe Flash Player compatible animations and simulations createdwith Adobe Captivate software. Generate PDF files with live 3Dmodels.

Installer Size: 1756 + 375 MB

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