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Slimjet v17.0.6.0 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Slimjet v16.0.5.0 x86/x64 Crack Patch

To browse the Internet without problems, you need a reliable webbrowser that can help you access any website or download thecontent that you please. Slimjet is such anapplication that allows you to surf the Internet withouteffort.

Handy and intuitive web browser
With the help of the application, you can browse the Internet anytime you please. You can access any of your favorite websites ordownload your favorite files with ease. The application can alsohelp you browse the Internet faster and safer, or perform variousactions easier such as file upload.
Furthermore, you can use the program to download videos or MP3files from YouTube, by simply using their link. This way, you canaccess certain files that would normally require specializedsoftware.

Dependable web browsing application
By using Slimjet to browse the Internet, you can optimize the wayyou work. The program can help you shorten the time wasted writinglong addresses, by shortening it to a single or simple structure ofwords which can be written in the search box instead of the longURL.
This is a helpful feature, because it means you do not have toremember long addresses or complicated ones, as you can simplyassign them a word. Writing the word in the search field will openthe website it was designated with.

A reliable and powerful Chromium-based browser
The program relies on the same engine as the Chromium browser,while adding a few innovative features to make your browsing moreexciting.
To conclude, Slimjet can help you browse the Internet, visit yourfavorite sites, automatically download music or videos from YouTubeor shorten certain URL addresses on the spot. You can use it tooptimize your work and maximize your efficiency.

Here are some key Features of”Slimjet”:
– QuickFill Intelligent Form Filler:
    Smarter and more convenient than the basicpassword manager in Chrome. Save page link and login data in a formfile which let you open your favorite online account with a singleclick later on.

– Fully-customizable Toolbar:
    Slimjet let users customize the toolbar andadd/remove additional buttons to quickly access additional featuresand functionality.

– Convenient Facebook Integration:
    In Slimjet, you can share the link you visited,a paragraph of text or an image easily on Facebook with a singleclick on the facebook toolbar button.

– Download Youtube Videos to MP4 & MP3:
    Download any YouTube video to local hard disk inspecified resolution and file format (mp4, agp, flv). You can alsoconvert the downloaded video file into mp3 file automatically.

– Photo Enhancement & Photo Framing:
    Slimjet includes a Photo Salon in which you canoapply different effects or add beautiful frames to the photosbefore they are uploaded.

– Instant Photo Upload:
    Automatically compress photos to web-optimizedresolution so that photos are uploaded up to 20 times faster.

– Weather Condition & Weather Forecast:
    Display current weather condition and weatherforecast directly on the browser window.

– URL Alias Support in Omnibox:
    Slimjet lets you define short aliases for longURLs which are slow to type and hard to remember. After that, justtype the aliases from the omnibox to open the correspondingpage.

– Flexible Web Page Translation:
    Instead of automatically translating a full webpage into the current UI language, Slimjet lets you translate a webpage or a piece of text between any two specified languages.

– Flexible Options and Settings:
    Slimjet provides many additional options andsettings so that you can customize the browser to best suit yourpersonal preference instead of being forced to take everything asit is without any choice.

Installer Size: ~
50 MB

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