Mon. Jul 26th, 2021
Serial Port Monitor v7.0.342 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Serial Port Monitor v7.0.342 x86/x64 Crack Serial

Serial Port Monitor is a professional andpowerful system utility for RS232/422/485 ports monitoring. COMmonitor displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in asystem. This is an ideal way to track down problems that may occurduring application or driver development,
testing and optimization of serial devices, etc. Serial Monitoralso offers advanced filtering and search, professional built-interminal and data exporting options, user-friendly and flexibleinterface among its key advantages. It is a completely softwaresolution, you don’t need any additional hardware to use it.

Here are some key features of “Serial PortMonitor”:
– Analyze serial port activity
– View data in all 4 monitoring views at the same time: table,line, dump or terminal mode, each providing a different way torepresent recorded serial data
– Read captured data in different ways
– Emulate data sending to serial device
– Ability to intercept and record all serial input/output controlcodes (IOCTLs)
– Data transmission monitoring and logging
– Real-time data capturing
– Serial Port Monitor and all of its internal drivers are digitallysigned
– Any number of serial ports can be monitored simultaneously
– Possibility to add several ports for monitoring in onesession
– Supports all COM-port types: standard on-board ports, extensionboard ports, software-based virtual COM ports, bluetooth serialports, USB to SERIAL cradles, etc

Installer Size: 8.1 + 8.4 MB

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